Taking a Ride with the HIMO Z20 Max Electric Bicycle

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

The fine folks over at Geekbuying know quality tech when they see it, and HIMO makes a fine electric bicycle. Pair the two together, and you get the HIMO Z20 Max on Geekbuying’s online storefront! The Z20 Max is a top of the line electric bicycle featuring the latest in electric travel features that I’ll be discussing with you in this article. A good E-Bike is hard to come by as it is nowadays, so I hope I can get you quite excited for the product I’m about to talk to you about, and educate you on all its fine highlights!  So this bike and deal are for our EU readers specifically so they aren’t neglected from us finding and sharing great deals.



The Technology Behind It

The Z20 Max packs a wonderful high-efficiency 250W DC Brushless motor reaching speeds of up to 80 kilometers while being as quiet as a sleeping child and keeping power usage to a minimum due to its vector control system, which takes a real time function analysis and outputs the exact amount of power needed for any climb.  It’s on a rugged CE-certified Aluminum frame, perfect for any urban environment. It also features an LCD display giving you a clear view of your current speed, battery life, and even how many kilometers you could reach with your current battery! On top of all that the frame is easy to fold for quick storage, and fits in the most compact of vehicles. It also has a six-speed transmission, so whether you’re looking for a gentle cruise or need to get somewhere quickly the Z20 has you covered.

Safety Features

The folks over at HIMO really care about their customers, and it shows in the extent they go to ensure the Z20 upholds all the safety standards and more of its competing brands. Its headlight is certified by E Mark and offers an illumination distance of twenty meters, as well as a long-distance illumination setting. The all-weather tires and dual disk braking system ensure you’ll ride rain or shine, with braking distances of up to three meters on a dry road, and increasing to five on a wet road. It also has a rather bright taillight to ensure other commuters are well aware you’re on the road, and a comfortable vacuum foam seat, for the smoothest, safest rides.


  • Excellent riding distance
  • Packed to the brim with safety features
  • Six-Speed transmission ensures you get the ride you’re looking for
  • Vector Control System allows the battery to take you further, longer

Final Thoughts

I’ve written about quite a few E-Bikes, and frankly, the Z20 might be one of the best. Between the tech powering it, the safety features, the look of the bike, and the renowned name behind it all it’s a complete steal at its current market value, not to mention it’s got a current coupon running for a large discount with the code GBKZ20MAX, which you can enter in at checkout. You’d better get yours before March 20th though, as that’s when this deal is gone for good. Don’t miss out on upgrading your daily commute, buying a gift for a loved one, or generally just getting out daily for an enjoyable ride. Thanks for reading! Don’t forget your Coupon! Use code GBKZ20MAX at checkout this coupon is valid only until March 20th

You can find the Z20 Max and many other lovely products over at Geekbuying!



We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.