The Importance of Social Media Monitoring for Streamers and Content Creators

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Being as I am a Twitch streamer and have two separate channels that I help manage. It is important for me to be able to track and monitor my use of social media just so I can see my outreach as well as seeing firsthand just how well I am doing when it comes to the various social media sites I use and the number of impressions I make on the types of content or posts that I create. Before I became a Twitch streamer, let alone a writer for a site, I never really understood just how powerful sites like Facebook, Twitter and even now, Instagram are when it comes to getting your stream or whatever content you create, out there for the world to see. Making sure that you are using hashtags that are appropriate for your content is another important tool and one that you will find gets your content out there much faster and gives you an even broader reach. Social media can really be your best friend, but most of all you want to not just create content and leave it, you want to make sure that the content you are creating is consistently successful and content that is giving you the best reach for whatever audience you are trying to obtain. Tracking the use of your social media posts and trying to get as many stats as possible can be obtained by various social monitoring sites, such as Awario, which specializes in providing users the ability to track their progress on a number of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, by monitoring the keywords that you use across those platforms and giving you either real-time or historical feedback with various charts to see exactly which keywords do or do not work.

Having real-time feedback is a great tool to have that way as soon as you seeing something you’ve posted you are able to right away be able to tell if the content you created works or not. For someone that is a  Twitch streamer, I tend to always make it a habit to post on Twitter whenever I am live and make sure that I am using proper keywords that have to do with whatever game I am streaming. Having the ability to see in real-time exactly what keywords are working allows to me adjust and make sure I use something similar again. This also helps with the times I am also streaming as whenever I make a post on Twitter when I am going live I am able to see just how many people are seeing that I am in fact streaming and if I notice a trend that is a decline in the impressions, which are the times a Tweet shows up in someone’s timeline, then I know I need to possibly consider adjusting the time in which I stream and simply go from there. Another great tool to consider when it comes to just Twitter is being able to track the times your Twitter account is mentioned. Being mentioned means that someone is tagging you in a Tweet whether it be talking to you directly or wanting to tag your name to show you something. Tracking your Twitter Mentions is key to being a successful Streamer or Content Creator and this is also another great service offered by Awario that allows you to be able to track in real-time all of your Twitter Mentions and see the location of where each one is coming from as well as being able to help you find quite Twitter pages that might also help you be even more successful and pages that you might consider following and interacting with. This tool is excellent for helping you further network your Twitch, Mixer or YouTube channel by finding various Twitter pages that also have to do with whatever content you create.

Awario provides real-time and historical social media monitoring to help you track of when your keywords work or when they simply do not.

With those things being said, I cannot stress enough the importance of having these type of tools to make sure you are going to have a successful channel or stream. You want to make sure you are making the most out of the posts that you place on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc by giving you the data that you need in order to see those trends and make sure that your channel is trending in the right direction. I firmly believe that by using these tools or even other similar tools themselves that the sky is the limit on just how successful you can be. This will not only help you out but this will also give you ways in which you can make your content more creative and help with retention which is also something a lot of YouTube and Twitch/Mixer channels have a hard time doing. Keeping your audience not only entertained, but giving them a reason to come back each day or week can be a bit difficult, but you have to make sure you are using the proper social media channels that you have available. If you are someone like me who never really like Twitter, but then saw just how powerful of a tool it can be, I promise you will learn to appreciate Twitter and other various social media networks as you start to see your audience numbers grow more and more. By using the tools I have provided, you will have the help you need when it comes to wanting to be a successful channel and also have the data to not only see in real-time, but also be able to see that historical or rather, previous data and see what you were doing right or wrong all along. All of the tools that have been posted here will ensure you even more success now and in the future whether it be your Twitch stream or even your YouTube channel you will be able to see the ups and downs and exactly what you know you need to do to provide amazing content for your fans.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.