My Thoughts on Amazon Purchasing Twitch for $970 Million.

As of this writing Amazon has purchased Twitch for a reported $970 million in a move that I honestly never saw coming. It was reported back in July that Google was the front runner in buying Twitch which, to be quite honest, made a lot of sense. With YouTube and Twitch combining forces I honestly didn’t know what to expect. However, a lot of Twitch users, myself included, were a bit afraid of  Google buying Twitch due to all of the harsh copyright policies that are being enforced on YouTube not to mention the fact the Google was going to edit out copyrighted content on Twitch users archived streams.

However the one thing I don’t think any of us saw coming happened and that is the purchasing of Twitch. Now when I first read about this last night on my Facebook I was pretty surprised that of all companies that Amazon would be even interested in purchasing the game streaming giant, but when you think about it Amazon has evolved quite a bit since they first started out as the biggest online marketplace.

It all started with Amazon coming out with the Kindle back in 2007 which drastically ended up changing the way everyone around the world would read books. I remember back when the Kindle came out I was pretty surprised that of all companies a company that didn’t even specialize in books was coming out with a product which would make book reading a lot easier and the buying of books even more easier. Then Amazon stepped up their game and ventured forth in the tablet market by releasing the Kindle Fire in 2011 which now the Kindle Fire has become one of the most successful tablets right alongside the Apple iPad on the market today.

Amazon further shook up the tech world when they announced and released the Amazon Fire Phone back in July of this year. Amazon has done some pretty amazing things in the past seven years and they continue to shock people with the acquisition of Twitch. Although I am not sure what Amazon has planned for Twitch, but I will say that I do hope that Amazon does implement some kind of Prime integration when it comes to Twitch. Maybe give Amazon Prime users some upgrades to their Twitch experience. Maybe integrate the ability to stream tablet games right from the Kindle Fire or who knows maybe even give users the ability to stream mobile games right from the new Fire Phone.

So I’m sure you’re wondering if I think this is going to be a good thing for Twitch. Well the answer is yes. I believe that with Amazon at the helm with their already proven record with what they’ve accomplished in a mere seven year’s the possibilities are endless for Twitch and I cannot wait to see where things go from here.

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