Tips and Tricks on How to Use Your Hero in Dota 2

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Since Dota 2 was first released back in 9th July 2013, it has had online gamers hooked. Most of these gamers do not really understand how to use their Hero. We thought it would be a great idea to help these gamers by offering them some tips and tricks on how to use their hero in Dota 2. This article won’t talk about all the heroes in Dota 2. To get more information about Dota 2 and all its heroes, you need to visit the best Dota 2 Blog.

How Many Heroes Does Dota 2 Have?

As of June 2018, Dota 2 had 115 unique heroes. However, players are only limited to controlling a single hero throughout a standard Dota 2 match. The heroes are divided into three main categories using their three core attributes. These attributes are:

  • Strength – These heroes have both good regeneration and large health pool. They can initiate fights and withstand numerous attacks.
  • Agility – These are clever and fast killers. They are capable of causing a lot of damage in a short amount of time.
  • Intelligence – This attribute is for spellcasters. They have a huge supply of mana and they are capable of casting different types of spells.

Top 4 Tips and Tricks to Help You Improve Your Dota 2 Game

After choosing your hero from the three main categories, you will need some tips and tricks to help you win the game. We have these tips and tricks below:

1.    Avoid Uphill Fights

Unless you are securing a kill or it’s crucial, it is advisable that you avoid uphill fights. The reason is simple: you end up missing 25% of your attacks. In addition to this, your opponent can use fog to make things tougher for you.

2.    Use Camp Stacking to Your Advantage

Camp stacking involves luring out natural creeps from their camps and waiting for the creeps to respawn instead of killing them. For this trick, timing is crucial. The trick can help you get a lot of real gold. If you use it effectively for the first 5 minutes, you can easily get close to 1000 gold within a period of just 10 seconds.

3.    The Sway Attack Trick

This trick is well-known by experienced Dota 2 players. It involves right-clicking on the creeps, your illusions, or your allies. Doing this allows you to redirect the tower attack toward the unit. It also gives you the capability to tower dive and eliminate your enemies. The trick can be extremely useful since it will allow you a break in health critical and climax moments.

4.    Detecting Invisible Heroes

Invisible heroes can be tough to deal with. You may have to spend a lot of your gold on dust, gem, sentries, etc. However, if you are able to focus and also keep practicing, your hero may actually help you detect the invisible heroes. Some heroes will say some specific words when an invisible hero is close by. For example, Ursa will say the words “Enemy is here”.

DOTA 2 Hero in You

With the hype surrounding Dota 2 and the vast number of heroes to choose from, it’s no surprise that some players will find difficulty to maneuver the game field. In the end, a game is supposed to be both challenging and fun – stress on the fun! And getting lost in a game definitely doesn’t help. With the tricks and tips we’ve given you here, we’re sure that playing Dota 2 will not be as daunting as you thought. You’ll definitely be able to enjoy the gameplay a lot more!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.