Top 5 Tools For Electrical Engineers

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When we say ‘Electric Engineer’ we automatically guess that they have to do some thing with electricity, which is absolutely correct. They deal with the electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. And to deal with such kind of work on which the large percentage of population is dependent upon they need the right set of tools specialized to do specific work without producing much error. You must have seen the electricians with the toolbox with basic tools that they fiddle with the wires and magically revive your almost irreparable instrument back to life. Apart from these basic tools engineers are needed some instruments or devises to increase the efficiency of the work.


The sheer need to be accurate with speed and attention, here is the list of 5 tools an electric engineer should have it in their toolbox:

1. Oscilloscope

Also known as Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO). It is mainly used in studying and observing the minute fluctuation or the flowing electricity. The analysis is done by oscilloscope by displaying the electric signals in the waveform which is represented to you in a graphical representation made continuously against the calibrated scale. CRO can measure two types of characteristics i.e. time and voltage. Reviewertouch shared best oscilloscope guideline.

2. Parts

This is a helping tool which is an alternative solution to a SPICE simulation. It is an AC, DC, Transient sim and waveform viewer that can be run on web browser to check and observe the circuit simulation. This technology is very accurate, it is a schematic capture tool with the property of waveform viewing in a graphical manner. It can assign digit key part numbers to the models without having to register for parts.

3. Calculator

This job comes with lots of calculations to be done in short amount of time. And you cannot always rely on your phone calculator or scientific calculator. To produce crispy error free calculation you can use software called Electrical Edge which is specifically made for electrical purposes. It has almost all the calculative terms like OHMs law, voltage, RMS value etc.

4. Voltmeter or Multimeter

Voltmeter is a tool which can read voltage levels only. It can also verify whether the circuits are live or off. Whereas a Multimeter can be used to read voltage levels, ampere, resistance and DC voltage and amperage.

5. Electroid

It is a Google play app and one of the most useful tools to be proven for engineers. It is available in free and pro version both. In the mere cost of $2.99 you can unlock many alluring features like resistor calculator, conversion tables and other tools and references to get all the calculations done with least error possible.

Final thoughts

All these tools are easily available to you. Parts and Electroid are software that you can either install from the web directly or you can find it on google play app. And even the software Electrical Edge is readily available on internet. A Voltmeter or Multimeter can either be available in any hardware or electronic shop or you can even order it online from a trusted website or online store. Similarly there are many cheap oscilloscopes present out there for your convenience. Apart from these software and hardware tools there are many other instruments available for the engineers’ convenience.

Proper research should be done for finding out the compatibility of it with your work. Their job demands to be dependent on many such devices that is why every day the market introduces many upgraded or entirely new system. The tools are becoming more user friendly day by day making their job easier and efficient, delivering better results.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.