Top 5 Video Game Character Cameos

We’ve all been there, one moment you’re playing a new game, the next moment you’re sitting there with your jaw on the floor because you just saw your favorite character from another game in this one. This list comprises of 5 of the best Cameos made by Video Game Characters.

5. Shadow Warrior: Lara Croft

We’re staring off with Shadow Warrior and the ‘insulting’ cameo of the game’s protagonist’s rival Lara Croft. So Lo Wang comes across a supposedly dead or at least unconscious and hanging Lara Croft, he then jokes about her raiding her final Tomb. There isn’t much else to this Cameo, though it would have been fun to come across this by surprise.

4. Borderlands 2: Creepers

Minecraft and Borderlands 2 are new games, as opposed to the other oldies on this list. Still, its a surprise to see the exploding Creepers from Minecraft appear suddenly in the First Person Shooter. These Creepers can be found in the Mineshaft, and you know that these Creepers are a serious matter in Borderlands when you have a wiki article dedicated to them.

3.  Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars: Link

In Super Mario RPG, if we venture into the Rosa Inn, and take a closer look, we’ll spot a familiar figure. From the famous Franchise “The Legend Of Zelda”, we get the protagonist, Link. If you try to talk to him, he wont say anything, but you will get to hear some music from Zelda.

2. Punch-out! Donkey Kong

In Punch Out!! Arcade, in the audience there a few familiar faces. Including Donkey Kong. Roughly 25 years later Donkey Kong finally made an appearance as a major character in the game, in the Wii Version. Now that is called Dedication.

1. GTA III / Driv3r

This one is seriously a good one and hence was saved for last. Two different characters, appearing in each others’ games. It started off with Rockstar releasing Grand Theft Auto III and including a minor antagonist called Tanner, he used to drive a 70’s Muscle car and the best part was that he was animated rather strangely than the other characters. In fact, the animation was a blow to the Driver’s Protagonist also named Tanner.   Once everyone had a nice laugh, out came the nightmarish Driv3r, and it brought along this weirdly modeled character named Timmy Vermicelli. Just take a look at the image of him below, it seems like they really wanted to get back at Rockstar and GTA III (which might be a cause for the epic failure of Driv3r ). Not only does he have the signature Shirt, but abnormally huge arms along with waterwings, insulting the original Tommy Vercetti for the fact that he wasn’t coded to swim. Tell us what you think about these funny little additions and cameos from protagonists/antagonists and even minor side kicks from other games into the ones we all love and play. Which Cameo is your favourite?

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