Top 8 First-Person Shooters For Your Phone

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Millions of students worldwide are fond of gaming. Someone prefers to stick to RPG games, while the others are fond of shooters. In case you are one of those, who enjoy playing first-person shooters, this post is right for you. Find out a list of the most brilliant games of this kind right here below.

Before Choosing The Best Game

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Top First-Person Shooters For Your Mobile

Choosing the best shooter is not as easy as it might seem to be from first glance. There are tons of new games that might fail to meet your expectations. However, we’ve chosen the most popular options that are likely to suit the tastes even the most demanding players.

Call Of Duty: Mobile

This is a version of the world-known PC game you might have already tried playing. It contains tons of astonishing weapons, interesting maps, and unforgettable characters. Moreover, it has a Battle Royale mode that can be played by up to 100 gamers simultaneously. In case you are feeling a bit tired from the classical version of Call Of Duty, you can also try Zombie mode to gain a new experience. This way, you will need to fight against ugly zombies and improve your character’s performance by all means.

Hitman: Sniper

This game is about a skilled and incredibly strong assassin who is working as a sniper in Montenegro. You can choose from over 13 guns to play the game, and enjoy completing a whopping number of 150 different missions. By the way, the scenes used in Hitman: Sniper are just amazing.


Being a tactical version of Fortnite, PUBG is a game with lots of shadows and blurred colors. You will need to fight at Battle Royale, choosing various types of rifles and vehicles. Not only you can use cars and trains, but also fly on a helicopter! However, it is highly recommended to start using a Bluetooth controller to make your experience brighter.


This masterpiece was developed by the world-famous Gameloft developing company. In case you are fond of post-apocalyptic environments, this game might become a perfect choice. You will play as a soldier who needs to save the entire humanity from cruel aliens. The game has a multiplayer mode, so you can also share the game with other human opponents. This mode might elevate your gaming skills to a new level since you never know what to expect from a human player. This type of game is considered to be even more entertaining than the classical version by lots of players.

Dead Effect 2

This is a traditionally looking mobile shooter with brilliant design and wonderful characters. Not only you will need to fight against virtual enemies, but also collect various types of guns, and even use special body implants to make your character stronger.


If you don’t mind buying games for your mobile, Morphite might be a really great option to play. Your character will be a brave lady with extraordinary superpowers she doesn’t know about. Morphite is a special feature that the main hero has. Moreover, the scene of the game is a far future with dozens of fantastic things.

Critical Ops

This is a well-known first-person shooter with lots of excellent maps and complicated modes. You can either complete missions by yourself or play in a team along with other players. If you want to try something rather than a standard Battle Royale, this game has something special for you.

Shadowgun War Games

This a game with a top-notch futuristic design and intense gameplay. Having a flawless design, this game has been attracting more and more new gaming enthusiasts.

It is important to note that all the games mentioned above can perfectly fit both iOS and Android devices. Therefore, you can easily play your favorite first-person shooters on the most popular smartphones. Still, there are dozens of other fantastic games you can find on the App Store or Play Store. Feel free to try playing various options to choose the game that will just blow your mind with an astonishing interface and engaging plot.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.