Top Octadic Gravitating PC Games Of 2018

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While 2017 saw the best of PC games which were trending a lot and were a big hit, we assume 2018 would be amassed with more number of heavy hitters. If your rig is well equipped in terms of processor and graphics card, then you can play a number of best graphics games on your PC. We take special care for we know the addiction of all these games for our users. There are a whopping number of big gaming essay examples which are currently going to sway the market with our updated list of blockbusters for our readers.

  1. Rainbow Six: Seige


A well-planned shooter video game developed by Ubisoft. This game proves the fact that “what can you not do with teamwork.” It takes a couple of invincible sharp-eyed shooters and a team to destroy the whole environment. There are also some short missions which can be played without a team. This old game has been modified ever since its release date in 2015, with a number of patches and plenty of new characters to keep you glued to your seats!

  1. Celeste


A platforming game where you play the character of Madeline who wants to climb the gigantic mountain standing before her, it prepares you in a way to struggle with life’s problems and tackle them physically and emotionally like Madeline overcomes her traumas and panic attacks in her anxiety. Throughout each level, the player encounters additional artifice which keeps them plunged.

  1. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown


If you are having some military mania, this is your game. This is a realistic military soap drama in which gamers would gain a solid experience as to being in the cockpit of high-end warplanes fighting with virtual reality. It wraps users due to its toned graphics engine. It provides ordnance of realistic ultra-modern weapons and menacing enemies that the series is well known for.

  1. Minit


A tiny miniature adventure game played sixty seconds at a time. When the player leaves his comfort zone, he deciphers countless secrets and overcomes thorny enemies, only to overcome the curse that ends in just a minute. The peculiar things which attract the audience are its sound design quality and attractive visuals.

  1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


In this game, about a hundred players end up on an island and give a wild goose chase for weapons in order to avoid themselves from getting lynched.  The on deck safe area gets minimized every time as the game gets on neck-to-neck and the player thriving till the end on food, fuel and ammunition in the game. The plus point of this adventure is that anyone can venture out, it doesn’t need a master skilled player, so why not you too try it out?

  1. Cuphead


Although it took many brains and a long time to develop, it is an all-cartoon magical game designed breathtakingly exactly the same way as it used to be in the 1930s which attract players. It has a series of boss fights and two players can play the game. In order to protect their souls from the devil’s foul play, Cuphead and Mugman undergo trials and tribulations which are to be swamped with lots of patience.

  1. Stardew Valley


Given the charge of an ailing old farm in the Stardew valley, the player has to manage his time and energy levels as to plant crops, cater to his livestock needs and many other socio-economic activities just to raise his farm. The player can also strike an affair which can lead to marriage.  It has simple 2D graphics but it never disappoints you as it is equally addictive.

  1. Civilization VI


A 4X video game designed to test your capabilities to establish an empire that strives against all odds of time to stand as a fledgeling civilization and advanced in all amenities like military power, leadership, developed cities and intelligent troops. There are several phases of development which are to be undergone before finally emerging as a superpower. He has to start from an era of stones and pebbles to the era of science and information. Its fun and exciting, yet unpredictable which allures users to often give a shot at it.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.