Transfer Files from One Cloud Storage to Another

INTROAlmost everyone today has a cloud storage solution and even more than one to store important and frequently used files. You may be using one service to store all your files whole this time and now want to switch to another service, say Google Drive or any other cloud storage sevice for that matter. You may have many reasons to transfer/sync all your files from Dropbox (or whatever) to Google Drive or something else, or you may just want to sync them in case one service goes down, you have access to your files on other cloud storage, or you just find one storage service better better than the others, or whatever reason you have for it. You can obviously copy/move all your files from one cloud storage to another and wait for them to upload but it’ll take considerable amount of time and bandwidth. You might be also using advance cloud based storage such as SharePoint or Onedrive for business in Office 365 but when it comes to migrate SharePoint data to office 365 it’s a very complex and time consuming tasks. In short all the SharePoint migration related tasks are manual and hectic. It is advised to use a third party tool.

So below, I have better solution than that.

Copy your files between different cloud storages

I’m going to use an online service, to copy all my files from almost all popular cloud storage services to another. It helps you transfer all your files and folders from one service to another easily. is a ‘freemium’ service that allows you to move/copy upto 10GB of data without any cost and then, you can pay $1 for each extra GB you use. You can use it to copy files between all major cloud storage services (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, One Drive, Copy, etc.) to one another. They also support FTP allowing you to directly transfer files from cloud storage to your FTP server, over the cloud.

You can copy/move whatever number of files and folders you want, however big they maybe (except for OneDrive). It creates a copy of your folders/files on the destination service but if a folder on the source has too many files, you also have an option to zip them into a single file before beginning the transfer.

Getting started with it is pretty easy. To begin, go to homepage and create an account.
Next, click on Select Source and select your source storage. Then select your destination storage and also tick on the Archive check-box if you want to zip all your files and folders to a single file and add a time-stamp to it’s name. Finally, click on Run to start the transfer. You can also schedule your transfer if you want.mover

In the Activity log, you can see almost real-time status of your transfer. Once it’s done, you will also get a quite detailed email too.

Hope you find this article helpful!
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