Unlock Savings: Jackery Portable Power Stations Holiday Deals

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

Previously, Jackery had offered super crazy discounts during the week of Black Friday. We know that most of you purchased your first portable power station, but if for some reason you didn’t have the opportunity to take advantage of those amazing offers, you should know that Jackery offers you one last chance with its Christmas offers. They offer discounts of up to $1800, so don’t miss the opportunity to get the best price. Jackery reached the goal of more than 3 million units sold, so they are offering the best discounts to say goodbye to 2023 in the best way.

Benefits of Purchasing from the Official Jackery Website

While Jackery also sells its products on Amazon, you can get significant advantages if you choose to buy its power station from Jackery’s official website. One of those advantages is that you will get the best price guarantee because Amazon usually has high commission rates. Jackery has gone to great lengths to offer the best price on Amazon. However, if you buy their power station from the official site of Jackery, not only do you get a better price, but you will also be able to find exclusive offers that will help you save money.

Jackery’s holiday deals will be available until December 20, so take the opportunity to buy or upgrade to a new high-performance portable power station.

1- Jackery 2000 Plus Solar Generator Kit

This is one of the best deals Jackery has available on its official website. This kit includes a powerful Explorer 2000 Plus power station that offers a capacity of 2042 Wh so you can keep many devices running for hours and even days. Best of all, it includes an additional battery with a capacity of 4 kWh so you can connect appliances and devices for longer. The portable power station will allow you to connect devices or appliances up to 3000W, which means it will work with up to 99% of appliances. The LiFePO4 battery is designed to have a lifespan of more than 4000 cycles, which means it could last for more than 10 years. It also includes 2 x 200W solar panels so you can take advantage of solar charging.

Pick it up on Jackery’s official website and get a $1500 discount

2- Jackery 1000 Plus Solar Generator

The Jackery 1000 Plus solar generator stands out as one of the best options for those who tend to camp frequently and want an efficient, but moderately weight, portable power station. It includes an Explorer 1000 Plus with a capacity of 1264 Wh and a maximum power output of up to 2000 W, allowing you to connect not only devices but also appliances. This power station uses a LiFePO4 battery, known as one of the best for having a lifespan of more than 10 years, considerably outperforming other brands that still use batteries with reduced lifetimes.

2 x 100W solar panels are included so you can recharge the Explorer 1000 Plus while camping. Solar charging is incredible, but you can also charge it from an outlet in just 1.7 hours. If you use the 2 x 100W solar panels, it will take about 9 hours, which is still great considering you’re using free energy. Finally, an extended warranty of up to 5 years is included for a worry-free purchase.

Pick it up on Jackery’s official website and get a $450 discount

3- Buy a Jackery 300 Plus solar generator and receive the second one at half price

This is one of the best deals Jackery has available, especially if you want to gift a portable power station to a loved one. By buying one 300 Plus solar generator, you can get two for just $599, an incredible deal considering the original price is almost $800. You could get a 300 Plus solar generator for yourself and give the second one to a special loved one, so you can both enjoy a reliable source of power to use while camping or during an emergency. The Explorer 300 Plus has a capacity of 288 Wh and a maximum output capacity of 300 W so you can charge cell phones, laptops, drones, flashlights, and more. It is not designed for household appliances, but rather for devices with a consumption of less than 300W.

It will charge in just 2 hours from an outlet or in just 9 hours using a 40W solar panel (included). It is also possible to charge it from a car port in 5.5 hours. It includes a 3-year warranty, but you can extend it to 5 years.

Pick it up here on Jackery’s official website

We hope you find these offers interesting, and if they are, remember that they will only be available until December 20th. Most Jackery portable power stations come with an extended warranty of up to 5 years when you get them from their official website. Jackery is committed to quality, and that is the main reason why it has become one of the most popular brands today. They not only care about the quality of their products but also about offering the best customer service.

Discover more Christmas deals that Jackery has available on its website!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.