Unlock your Free Product trial with BESTEK

Have you ever wanted to get free tech gear to test out? BESTEK has an incredible deal for people passionate about this industry where you get one free sample per year. There’s no fee, credit card, or anything else associated with your free sample, you simply get it right to you. Most of us love to test out new gear and if you’re already buying tech gear you might as well get some free samples on top of that. You must be a previous customer of BESTEK to qualify for their free trial program, but

The process is really simple and we’ll walk you through it all step by step so you can get your free gear.

1. Go to the right page

Be sure to go here: click here to pull up the option to sign up for the free trial program. That will get you right to the place where you sign up for this free trial program.

2. Pick your free product

They have a variety of products to choose from when it comes to a free trial. Most of them are power adapters, power strips, etc., but you also have the option of looking through their Amazon store to see if there’s a product you would prefer to get for your free trial.

3. Tell them what products you’ve purchased from BESTEK in the past

There’s a checklist of products they sell and you need to go through and select the ones you’ve previously purchased. This will help them gather data and also know that you are a previous customer. If you have purchased multiple products, be sure to enter all of the ones you’ve purchased. You also have the option of entering specific products if you don’t see them on the list of available options.

4. Enter your email

After those simple steps, you simply enter your email address so they can keep in touch, access your account, or need to get in touch.

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