Use Web Forms to Grow Your Website

When it comes to growing your business, one big factor is getting to know your audience and your customers. When you get to know them and what they want, you can cater your content, sales, giveaways, and ideas to them.

Web forms give you the option to create questionnaires, surveys, forms, or other documents. With those forms, you can hear directly from your audience instead of guessing what they want. If your business has a website, this is especially helpful.

Your business can use web forms on your website, in your email marketing, on social media, with customers, or anywhere else where you need direct input.

Ways you can use web forms

Feedback – Want to know where your business could step it up? Want to hear feedback from an event your business hosted? Web forms are the way to do it! Send it out and make it easy with simple questions they can answer. You could also hear back from your own employees in a company survey.

Validating ideas – When it comes to starting new ideas for your business, one of the best things to do is to ask your existing customers. Do you want to launch a new type of content? Create a new product? Start a podcast? Measure success before you start by asking if it’s something people want.

Planning events – Looking to host an event but not sure what everyone’s availability or specific preferences are? A web form can help make that easy. Just create a simple form, send out the link, and get all the answers you need. That way, you can save time and money.

Quizzes – You can easily make a quiz to test readers, use as a giveaway, or even to send to students.

Customer service – If you create a simple form on your site, you can connect it to your customer service department so they get a notification every time someone fills it out.

Capture leads – Leads are the backbone to almost any business, and having a simple way for people to reach out to you can make your lead generation easy.  And using an email subscribe form is a great way to capture those leads.

Find out why customers left – Curious why people left your email newsletter or stopped buying from you? Create a simple web form for them to fill out and get insights on what you can improve.

Find employees – Not every company wants to receive resumes and cover letters. Some companies use simple questions to get an idea for who someone is to figure out if they want to hire them.

One great and easy to create online web forms is through Typeform. They create simple and easy to use options so you can get the information you need the most.

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