Voicemod Unveils New Brand and Vision for the Future

VALENCIA, SPAIN (February 25, 2021) Voicemod, the world’s leading voice changer and soundboard app for gamers and streamers, has today kicked off its new rebranding campaign, setting forth on a quest to become industry leaders in synthetic media and audio immersion. In partnership with DesignStudio, Voicemod seeks to take a step forward from being the number one favorite voice-changing program on PC, to being the brand synonymous with sonic identities — a genuine all-in-one audio solution for professionals, creatives, gamers, content creators, and anyone else looking to amplify their online experiences.
Launched in 2009 with a focus on entertainment through real-time human reactions, Voicemod leadership has always had a clear mission – to allow people to express themselves through audio. Over the better part of a decade, Voicemod has provided a medium for people to become bolder versions of themselves, allowing gamers and content creators to use tools such as voice changers and sound effects to enhance their online experiences. As the world went fully digital in the past year, the platform saw unparalleled growth and expanded its offering, opening up new avenues of creativity for people — who, in turn, pushed the program beyond initial expectations.

Voicemod is currently used by millions of people globally, and with its eclectic voice filters and customizable soundboards, it allows individuals to spice up their online multiplayer experiences and enables creatives to step into the shoes of someone completely different through immersive acting in role-play servers and digital tabletop games. In other spheres, Voicemod is used across a breadth of varying scenarios; from teachers cleverly utilizing their tools in online classrooms, to professionals cleaning up their audio in meetings, to it being used as an accessibility tool.

Despite already being the brand of choice amongst the gaming community, Voicemod aims to keep pushing the boundaries of how people can use audio and the power of voice in the digital realm. Aspiring to do more for the very people who supported the platform to this point, Voicemod continues to draw inspiration from the inventive minds of its users. Like a fresh coat of paint, Voicemod’s refreshed look cements a commitment to moving forward in an energized, inspired, and driven direction — beginning with hints at upcoming releases that will delve into the previously-unexplored waters of hyper-realistic voices and vocal personas.

“While our recent growth has been thrilling to witness, we believe we are only at the beginning of an even more incredible journey. As Voicemod continues to evolve its amazing range of applications, we want to show the world how innovative and diverse our technology can be in the hands of creative users,” said Voicemod CEO Jaime Bosch. “Our technology aims to help people find their true selves through sound and express themselves in real-time while maintaining the highest degree of integrity, honesty, and security. DesignStudio has been the perfect organization to help us showcase our refreshed core values and to capture the excitement of our ambitions in the new brand identity. It’s never been more exciting to be at the forefront of audio technology.”
DesignStudio is a global branding agency founded in 2009 by Ben Wright and Paul Stafford, with locations in major cities like London, New York, and Sydney. The company has spearheaded successful design and branding campaigns with companies such as Airbnb, The English Premier League, Tencent Games, Riot Games, OneFootball, and HelloFresh. They’ve recently engaged with Voicemod to assist the company in their rebranding efforts, highlighting not only the near-endless potential applications of the technology but also their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of morals and ethical use.

“Voicemod came to us with a huge ambition; to become the brand synonymous with creating your digital persona,” said Alex Johns, Executive Creative Director of DesignStudio London. “Our biggest challenge was to describe a potentially complex and abstract proposition in simple terms, whilst keeping the flavor of the people behind the tools. It was important to us that the fun, humor, passion, technical prowess, love for sound, and play that we witnessed during our immersion came through in the final brand.”

The future of Voicemod is looking bolder than ever, with a vision to craft a world where everyone can create their own unique sonic identities. Sound is one of the greatest means of expression, creating strong human connections and enabling communication, and Voicemod is honing in on the ability to do just that. The rebrand and accompanying trailer is not representative of the company’s ‘final form,’ but rather a firm step forward into their continual evolution in defining what audio means to everyone — and a commitment to pushing boundaries, treading into the unknown, and being trailblazers for a new era of audio.

Download Voicemod and try it for free on Windows PC via the official site here.

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About Voicemod

Headquartered in Valencia, Spain with a diverse and fully remote global team, Voicemod is the world’s leading voice manipulation tool and customizable soundboard provider. With more than 19 million downloads on desktop PCs alone, it is a tool that helps gamers, content creators, and professionals of all skill levels find the voice that best expresses themselves as they play, work, create, and entertain. Offering the best and most accessible tools on the market with its versatile PC platform, soundboard, and Voicelab, Voicemod is committed to letting you sound like you — even as you are discovering who that might be. Learn more at voicemod.net.

About DesignStudio

DesignStudio was founded in 2009 by Ben Wright and Paul Stafford who still have active roles in the day-to-day business Working in partnership with some of the world’s most forward-thinking companies, DesignStudio uses design-led thinking to make a meaningful difference to the lives of millions of people every day by creating new visions for ambitious leaders. The company’s goal is to spark change by telling brand stories and they do this across every aspect of the brand experience. For businesses of all shapes and sizes, so long as they possess shared values. Learn more at Design.Studio.

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