What Did You Think of The First Trailer for GTA 6: The Return of Vice City?

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After an alleged leak, Rockstar Games was forced to release the first trailer for GTA 6 earlier than expected, which left many surprised, as the main idea was December 5. It’s an amazing game that we’ve all been waiting for, and the first trailer showed a lot of information to give us an idea of why we had to wait more than 10 years for this moment. Unfortunately, we’ll still have to wait until 2025 to enjoy GTA 6.

One of the speculations that had been circulating for the last few months was that there would be, for the first time in the history of Grand Theft Auto, a female character. Everything seems to indicate that Lucia, along with what seems to be her partner, will integrate the story of GTA 6, which is a big change compared to the stories of the previous GTAs.

GTA 6 returns to the warm atmosphere of Florida, harnessing the graphical power to deliver stunning enhanced views. It seems that Rockstar wants this GTA 6 to be full of fun activities and not simply a game with empty areas with nothing to do. While it’s certainly a trailer, it showed super crazy things like an alligator walking into a store (this must be just another day for Florida natives). One of the first images shows a super-detailed sunrise, indicating that GTA 6 will focus on delivering the best details when it comes to weather change (something GTA 5 didn’t quite achieve).

GTA 6 will feature a much larger map and we’re sure that every corner will be full of life. The powerful RAGE 9 graphics engine (exclusive to Rockstar Games) oversees providing the best visuals, significantly promising to surprise all fans. In one part of the trailer, we will be able to see how the ocean will be much more interactive, which means more activities to do. GTA 6 likely won’t be solely based in Florida, as the map is set to be significantly larger than GTA 5

GTA 6’s nightlife also seems to be super crazy, with sports cars, discos, and nightclubs. It looks like there’s going to be a lot to do overnight in GTA 6. Although GTA 6 returns to Vice City, it is still focused on the present day, as you can observe at various points how social networks interact, which may be bad news for those who expected it to focus on the 90s.

The Latin presence seems to be gaining more strength in this GTA. We don’t know what the story mode will be about, but Lucia (the protagonist) seems to have some problems with the law, so we imagine a story full of action and chases. NPCs will have considerably better intelligence. This would explain Rockstar’s intention to add a much livelier city. This could also indicate super crazy police chases with the new intelligence used for NPCs.

GTA 6 will only be available for PS5 and Xbox Series X, so PC players are excluded at least for the first release. It is very likely that sometime after the release it will be released for PC. We also expect Rockstar Games to release a second GTA 6 trailer sometime in 2024.

What do you think of the first GTA 6 trailer?

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.