Why Should You Play Among Us Today

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Every so often in a year, a particular game shows up in a way that catches the interest of the internet. It usually comes in the form of an announcement from big-game developers, celebrity cameos, or a bold price drop for various video game distribution services. Strangely, the rise of Among Us is not because of those things, but for merely because of its gameplay.

For a low-budget, low-graphic game, Among Us has skyrocketed in sales and exposure that’s coming from the internet. Already featured in most gaming channels and streaming websites, this game has showcased the fascinating scenario of lies and deceit for those who play the game. This means you won’t need a high end gaming laptop or gaming pc to enjoy this game.

Let us give you a general overview of the game and why you should play it. We’ll also throw in some tips on board, should you decide to play the game.

Among Us: The Game That Almost Died

Among Us is a small indie project made by Innersloth, a 3-man gaming and software development company whose works include the Henry Stickmin Collection, a well-known point and click adventure game.

Among Us was released live in June 2018 on mobile devices with little attention, barely getting a good player base that keeps them afloat. They eventually released a premium version on Steam, which allows for cross-play on PC and Mobile, and unlocked specific costumes and pets for customization. However, it did little to increase its popularity. Regardless, Innersloth didn’t give up despite its dying and diminishing player base until 2020 came.

It is unclear where and how the influx started. Still, the game saw relevance just a few weeks after the release of Fall Guys, which slowly caught the attention of several popular streamers like DisguisedToast and eventually getting into prominent Youtubers like Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye.

The game gained the most popularity and footing when DisguisedToast started to create an on-going Among Us gameplay series on his Youtube channel. His natural competitiveness in winning and deceiving players created a natural bond with the game, which eventually sets the stone for massive improvements and more significant sales.

Why Should You Play It?

At its core, Among Us transports players either on a quirky spaceship or a space base-like map and are divided into two teams, Crewmates and Impostors. Crewmates are considered “innocent” and are tasked to complete particular objectives, rule out impostors, and survive. Meanwhile, the impostors sabotage the whole operation, stealthily killing crewmates without raising suspicion.

The best part of every session comes with the meeting times whenever someone reports a dead body or calls out an emergency meeting, usually lasting for a minute or two. The game tests out the player’s ability to gain information and either rule out the impostor and clear the accusations, ultimately deciding whether to kick someone out or skipping the voting process through the majority rule.

What makes it so much fun is you have to follow the rules while thinking outside the box. If you’re playing with friends, you can only talk at meeting sessions, which gives you time to either act for an alibi or point out suspicious players and gain evidence. Regardless, expect lies, arguments, desperate pleas to get others’ trust and a shocking plot twist after the last round.

Among Us is a brutal, fast-paced, and an emotional rollercoaster of a game from start to finish. The game is set to be played by multiple people. There’s nothing quite satisfying pulling a decent murder, only to shift the blame to an innocent who is trying to get their job done. The same can be said when you successfully voted an imposter out of reading between the lines.

How Should You Play It

Should you decide to try the game and play a few rounds, here are some excellent points for you to take on.

1. The way you create concrete alibi matters. Lies, deceit, and information are your primary weapons to win as an impostor or crewmate.

2. Witnesses are much as crucial as your alibi. Getting players to vouch and trust you often clears your name of suspicions, especially if you’re an impostor.

3. You don’t necessarily need to report a dead body. Use emergency meetings whenever you suspect someone or want to throw someone off.


Among Us is the best game to virtually hang out with friends and have fun despite the pandemic. Its gameplay highlights the player’s willingness to deceive and lie to win. Throughout its history and rise in trend, there is no reason to not download the game and invite a few of your friends over this overly tense but humble game.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.