Will the Dragon X5 Gaming Controller Change Mobile Gaming?

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Source: Pexels

Gaming fans around the world have been caught somewhere between excitement and befuddlement at the announcement of a Bluetooth controller that can be attached to mobile devices to turn the mobile into a console. There’s no denying that mobile gaming is a huge draw for gamers and that the ease of mobile devices is helping audiences who otherwise might not be gamers to get involved. Indeed, the industry now accounts for more than 50% of all gaming revenue and will reach $159 million in 2020, surpassing all other gaming modes combined. Could the addition of a mobile controller help to defeat the competition once and for all?

What Does the Controller Do?

The Dragon X5 controller acts like that of an Xbox or PlayStation and allows your hands to have greater freedom when gaming on mobile. This could be beneficial for games that require a lot of finger work over a long time. The improvement of the mobile’s battery and processing power means it has the integrity to handle such a degree of gaming.

The main benefit of the controller is the precision and control that it affords over the game being played. This helps elevate the games from being casual finger flickers to being taken slightly more seriously. But do we need a gaming controller? The mobile gaming revenue shows that mobile gaming in its current format is popular. While it does offer some similarities with console gaming, those who are married to consoles are unlikely to ditch them for mobile because of the ability to use a controller. Perhaps instead the development of the controller is symbolic as to how powerful the mobile gaming industry is and will continue to be.

Popularity of Mobile Gaming

The sheer popularity of mobile gaming can be seen in the way in which mobile gaming has encroached other areas of our lives. Mobile gaming hasn’t just borrowed titles from console gaming – such as Minecraft and Fortnite – or changed concepts from existing franchises, such as Pokémon Go, but has changed how we look at the entertainment industry in relation to our mobiles.

For example, the online casino industry has nearly fully assimilated itself for mobile gameplay. If you are interested in finding an online casino bonusfinder.com shows that most offer mobile gameplay. The analysis of the casino sites includes how optimized each one is for mobile play and which ones have dedicated mobile apps. The fact that the industry has ensured that those who want to play on mobile devices can shows the increase and appetite for those wanting to engage with mobile gaming.

Whether it takes off or not, the controller is symbolic of the huge influence that mobile gaming has and that we are relying on mobile far more than we ever have done. Perhaps it does have the power to change how we look at gaming, especially if people realize they can have the console gaming experience without the console gaming investment. Mobile gaming’s main pull is that it is accessible and affordable and can be played anywhere, which are all factors that people cite for not getting involved with other kinds of gaming.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.