Win a 7 inch Amazon Fire Tablet

Having a spare tablet around the house is always useful and I get a lot of use out of my Fire tablet, so I wanted to run a giveaway for one. In the 2nd giveaway we launch for 2021!

With a standard Fire Tablet you aren’t locked down like the kids edition tablets and you can even install and access Google Play games and apps without having to root your tablet too, you can search our site for tips how to install apk files on the fire tablet, or installing Google Play on the fire tablet. While the Amazon Android App store has plenty of apps to choose from it is limited, though a bit better curated than the wide open Google Play store.

Fire Tablets make for great reading devices, casual gaming tablets, news readers, audio book delivery devices via Audible at a fraction of the cost of a phone as well as being able to watch and download Amazon Prime content for offline viewing while traveling or simply without Internet. There is so much more you can do with one too, I use one with a gooseneck arm as a 2nd screen at my computer desk for example.

This giveaway is only for USA Residents and there is no prize substitution unfortunately, so the winner will get notified and they get to pick one of the 4 tablet color options and the tablet will be ordered and shipped to them.

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7″ Amazon Fire Tablet Giveaway

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