Windows 10: What We Know and What We Want

With the freshly unveiled Windows 10, surprisingly skipping Windows 9, Microsoft is dedicated to bringing a unique as well as a familiar experience for its users, desktop, laptop and tablet. In this post, we’re going to go over all the facts and details we know so far about Microsoft’s ‘best’ Operating System yet and also tell you how you can get to play with it early.

windows 10

Windows 10 Is Both 7 & 8

In the latest incarnation of the OS, Microsoft has tried the very best to satisfy its consumers who were raged after the tablet focused path Windows 8 took. Needless to say, the customers will be glad to know that there will be to additional cost in upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 10. Now, back to the subject, Windows 10 has the features of both of its previous major releases, for example the new OS will see the return of the beloved and missed Start Menu but it extends it to accompany the re-sizable Live Tiles form the Start Screen in Windows 8. Another major change which combines the best of both OSes is the ‘windowed mode’ of the apps from Windows 8. Now, you will not be taken into full-screen mode as soon as you launch an app, for example the Calender, but instead, you’ll be able to use the app in a Windowed Mode on the regular desktop.

Windows 10 Is Unique

Don’t think for a second that Windows 10 is just a quick mash up of previous versions, there are a lot of new and exciting features to wait for. For instance, the new OS will give you something called Snap Assist UI, which basically allows you to have multiple desktops as if you were using multiple monitors. You can flip through them and move their corresponding apps in between them too.

Another new feature is the “Continuum”. It is intended for people who use two in one devices, for example Laptops with detachable keyboards. When a keyboard is disconnected, a back button will appear on the task bar to help users to more easily navigate in the OS.

Release Date & Preview

Windows 10 is set to be released by late 2015, no official date has been given yet, due to the fact that Windows 10 is still in early development. Microsoft is offering a ‘beta’ phase for those who want to test the Enterprise Technical Preview version of Windows 10. You can go ahead and sign up here. The company says that they are awaiting feedback and will work to fulfill the desires of their customers.

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