Arctic 4 port USB Charger Review

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Well, I got this nice four port Arctic USB Charger in the mail to review and at first I was apprehensive and worried it would be an over sized piece that would take up a hole wall socket. Boy could I ever be so wrong, and

this time I was and will admit it. Before I go into the review and testing lets start off with how it was packaged nice in a small blue and white box.

This box had every thing you would want to know about this device, pics and specs follow.

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ARCTIC Home Charger 4500 USB Portable Wall Charger, 4-Port 4.5A Total Output, Fast-Charge, US Plug – Black

  • 4.5Amp total output ideal for charging tablet/smartphone/e-Reader/MP3
  • 4-USB Ports with fast-charge capabilities, 2 dedicated tablet fast-charge ports
  • Dedicated LED charge indicator for each port
  • Overload safety protection on each port protecting charging devices.

Two ports are colored orange and two are black. The orange side is for smart phones and tablets. The black side are for phones and other USB devices. Then on the front you have  some led lights that tell you what plug is plugged in and charging. Which is a nice touch for some of these chargers being pushed out I liked this touch. I did try and abuse this device for the past few weeks with charging every thing under the sun that would charge on it and I will admit the Arctic charger never failed to work and it worked very well. I just wish I had more tablet devices to test on this charging device. It did work like a charm on my kids tablet which worked out well since she lost her wall plug adapter anyway.

20140930_120934 20140930_120928_HDR

Watch my unboxing and  review here!

I keep heading back to use this charger for my wall plug when at home and love how the size leaves space open for other stuff. The best part is I don’t have to fight the wife for a plug no more.

The timely way it charges things faster then the stock  charger for my devices  is one of the best options it has, and I was shocked to find it actually charges my device faster than the device A/C adapter in most cases.

Now if your like me you drop cords and plugs ever so often and well I did drop this one a few times, not on purpose of course and it never failed to work after. Great stuff there and I was shocked and relieved that it would take a fall like that and still work great. Now I don’t suggest dropping it on purpose because you never know what will happen, but knowing that the electronics inside appear to be solid and not easily broken is good.

I give the Arctic 4 port USB Charger  a solid 5 stars that for sure for what it is and what it does. I give it a 4 stars for size and looks. I give it another start for the durability of this product after the few falls it took. I can only hope when they tested this in product testing this was one of the test. For the price $15.32 you can not go wrong with this wall charger.

I cant wait to test out and review some more Arctic products and this product showed me they appear to make high quality products.

Disclaimer:  Arctic sent us one of the 4 port usb wall chargers so that we could do an honest and accurate review of the product, all opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.