Review of the Logitech K830 Illuminated Wireless Living Room Keyboard

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Update:  This review was from the 2014 model of the Logitech K830 and it only supported Wireless with dongle no Bluetooth.  The new version of this keyboard that supports Bluetooth and Wireless may not be compatible with PS4 as one reader reports.  I do not have the newer model of this keyboard to confirm.

I have used many wireless keyboards before, both ones with a USB receiver and ones that are completely Bluetooth enabled and I can say the Logitech K830 is one of the best wireless keyboards I have used.  It isn’t uber compact, but is compact enough to be perfect for a living room coffee table and works perfectly with the PlayStation 4.

Check out my full video review of the Logitech K830 Living Room Keyboard

I was looking for a PlayStation 4 wireless keyboard which is why I wanted to review this product, there isn’t many keyboards on Amazon that specifically say compatible with PlayStation 4 or are PlayStation 4 promoted at the time of this review, but I was told by the Logitech team that this keyboard would work fine with the PlayStation 4 and I said my review will primarily be targeted toward that focus.  Though I did test it with my Samsung 55″ LED Internet Enabled TV as well and it worked perfectly with that TV, the PlayStation 4 compatibility of this keyboard is the focus for this review.

It works solidly for the PlayStation 4 and is recognized the moment you plug the USB receiver into the PlayStation 4.  All default PlayStation 4 programs including the messaging and sharing apps have no problem working with they keyboard and typing your sharing messages on the keyboard is so much simpler and more pleasing than picking out word for word with the PlayStation 4 controller.  The keyboard is illuminated and makes it very easy to find the right keys for placement at night when you have to bounce back and forth between controller and keyboard.

 The keyboard also comes with both a USB Cable and a USB Extender cable so you can make sure you can leave your keyboard anywhere and still have a long enough cord to charge it with the nearest USB compatible electronic.  The PlayStation 4 can charge this keyboard via USB just as it can charge the PlayStation 4 controller itself.

 The Logitech Illuminated Living Room Keyboard which is also more easily known as the Logitech k830 was a fantastic keyboard, the keys have just the right amount of spacing so that you can type quickly if you are a touch typer and not have much interference from the other keys being too close.  The touchpad itself didn’t work with the TV or the PlayStation 4 I tested it on, and is basically a replacement for a mouse and/or is touch screen swipe compatible so neither living room device I tested with supported the touch pad, but when I paired the Logitech K830 with my home PC sure enough the touch pad worked just as the mouse and would be perfect for a media center PC running on Windows or any OS really (Ubuntu, Mac OS X…etc).

As far as the PlayStation 4 support for the Logitech K830 keyboard it worked very well for most applications, the messaging app and sharing apps in particular were perfect if you had to drop the controller and type a message or some share info about the latest screenshot or video you just recorded.  It made messaging so much easier and info sharing so much easier, but not all apps on the PlayStation 4 recognized the keyboard and when I tested with the Netflix and Amazon VOD application they can’t recognize the keyboard at the time of this review and you still have to punch out movie titles one button at a time on your PS4 controller.  So this means applications individually have to be coded to support USB keyboards I think in order to take advantage of it, and fortunately all PS4 default applications did including the PlayStation 4 when you want to search for titles, or as I said the sharing and messaging applications.

The Logitech k830 keyboard has a high quality feel, is sturdy and was just a pleasure to use during my review, this has become my favorite portable living room keyboard and I use it all the time now with my PlayStation 4.  So if you need a good PlayStation 4 keyboard I can easily suggest the Logitech K830 illuminated keyboard.  My only thoughts for improving the product would be if they could make multiple USB receivers so you can have one plugged into more than 1 home entertainment device at the same time. I would have loved to leave the USB receiver in both the TV and the PS4 for example and whichever device was powered on would automatically make use of the keyboard or if both were powered on, maybe 1 could be master that would take precedence.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.