Is the EKSA E910 Wireless Headset Worth Getting?

With so many people moving to gaming. It’s hard to tell what headset to get or use. Some say stick to wired headsets while others say grab wireless ones. One thing we can all agree on is that you will need a good set to use for both game sound and to chat with your teammates. Lucky for us today we are taking a look at the EKSA E910 5.8GHz ENC/7.1 Surround sound gaming headset. … Read more

Should You Add the eMeet Nova 1080P Webcam To Your Setup?

Should you add the eMeet Nova 1080p webcam to your setup? Well, your lucky because today we are going to take a full look at the eMeet web camera and see if it is the camera for you. The eMeet Nova sports a 2 Megapixel image and 1920 X 1080p video at 30fps. The camera is a true plug and play, no driver needed and is compatible with all software.  The camera has dual microphones … Read more

Is The BlitzWolf 1080p Web Camera The One For You?

With so many web cameras on the market it is hard to choose which one is the best for you. Some people like full-function webcams with software and others prefer simple plug and play. Today we look at BlitzWolf’s BW-CC1 1080p plug and play web camera. The 1920x1080p image resolution can only be captured at 30fps however so if you are looking for 1080p60 then this isn’t going to give you that. We will get … Read more

BlitzWolf 10.2″ Selfie Ring Light Review

With so many people into streaming or TikTok, everyone is looking for good lighting at a decent price. Some can be very spendy but lucky for us BlitzWolf has come through with an affordable LED light ring. This ring light is not only affordable but has many options. The first thing you will notice is that it comes in a plain white and green box with their logo in the green at the top right corner … Read more

Atelerix Ventris Noir Gaming Chair Review!

It seems like everyone now days is needing a good gaming chair. Not all chairs are made the same and some can be rather spendy. If you’re like me right now saving some cash could be a good idea but will buying a cheap chair be worth it in the end. Well, you’re in luck because today we take a look at a chair that is under $200 right now on Amazon. This chair is … Read more

Is The OPSeat Grand Master Gaming Chair Any Good?

If you’re like me you bought store brand PC or office chairs for years and they never lasted long. I think for a while I was buying one about every year. Then I went out and got a high-end gaming chair and it lasted a good four or so years. But now it comes time to get a new gaming chair and by my luck, OPSeat reached out and wanted us to test and review … Read more

Is The 700k Evo Keyboard From Cougar The Last Keyboard You Need?

Whether you just a casual PC user or a gamer, a good keyboard is something we can all agree on we need. Rather it is Mechanical, Ergonomical, Membrane, or gaming with RGB. Today we look at a new keyboard from Cougar. This is there 700K Evo RGB keyboard with Cherry MX  RGB mechanical keys. The 700K uses Cougar’s very own UIX software to manage the RGB effects. The frame of this keyboard is made from … Read more

Cougar Havoc BT Wireless in-Ear Gaming Headset Review!

With so many headsets on the market, most people get annoyed that you may need a few different ones for different reasons. Like you may want earbuds for when you work out and you want a well-rounded headset to use while gaming or streaming. You are in luck today because we take a look at a headset from Cougar that can cover all that and then some. This is Cougar’s Bluetooth In-ear earbuds called the … Read more

Is XSplit VCam The Best Webcam Background Removal Software?

With so many people recording or streaming nowadays. Not everybody can afford or has the space for a traditional green screen to hide their background. Well, XSplit has thought about that and has come out with new software called XSplit VCam. The software removes the background from your camera and is able to add a photo or just blur it out but I’ll get more into that in a minute. I was lucky enough to … Read more

Adkwse Wireless Endoscope Review

Sometimes you just wonder how much stuff your wife or kid has dropped down the bathroom sink. Well fortunately for us Adkwse has us covered with their wireless endoscope. This device works side by side with your smartphone or tablet. They give you a full kit including everything you need except the smartphone or tablet. For the small price of $36.59 on Amazon. This camera snake can is 1200p.  I’ll get more into that in … Read more

Joly Joy Flexible Power Strip Review

With as many electronic devices I test and review, a surge protector and power strip are good to have. One thing that can get annoying with most types of power strips however is trying to fit certain plugs in that are too large. Well, Joly Joy has come out with a solution to that and has a fix for us. Their solution is the flexible power strip with USB, electric surge protector with pivot outlets … Read more

AndaSeat Pretty In Pink Gaming Chair Review

With so many gaming chairs on the market, there didn’t seem to be a lot of them geared toward the female gamer. Well, you’re in luck today! Our friends over at AndaSeat have thought about this and they have come out with their Pretty In Pink gaming chair. If you don’t know who AndaSeat is, they started off making car seats in 2007. They made seats for companies like BMW, Mercedes Benz and many others. In 2012  … Read more

Is The Conbrov Mini WiFi Camera The One For You?

Whether you are looking for a camera to set in your house or something to hide in your car, there are many options on the market. A few of those options may be to make sure you’re safe or to catch someone in the act of doing something. Today we take a looks at one of those options with a camera that comes from our friends over at Conbrov. This is the WF98 mini wireless camera which … Read more

Review Of The Hunter Spider V3 Gaming Headset!

With as many gaming headsets that hit the market each year. It can be overwhelming picking a set out. By luck today we look at a set from our friends over at Hunterspider. In the hopes that I can help make your decision a little easier. This is the Hunterspider V-3 Gaming Headset. This gaming headset is compatible with most consoles, computer, and pretty much any other device that can take a 3.5mm jack. Let take a … Read more

Torque T402v Over-Ear Headphones Review!

Today we take a look at a set of customizable headphones. This set came to us from our friends over at Torque. This is Torque’s T402v over-ear headphones. This headphone pair comes with two sets of ear pads. One set is over-ear and one is on-ear. Torques T402v are also customizable to your listing preference. I will get more into that in a few. First, let me show you the box and what comes included … Read more

The Torque T103z v2 Customizable In Ear Headphones Review!

The market has been flooded with earphones and earbuds lately. Today we take a look at a set from Torque. This set is unlike others I have seen on the market in that you can customize this set to your liking. These are the Torque T103z v2’s. You can swap out what they call valves. I will get more into that in a few. First, let’s talk about what comes in the package. Torque T103z … Read more

Boblov X6 4K Waterproof Sports Action Camera Review!

Today we take a look at one of the newest action cameras to hit the market. This is the 4k WiFi action camera from BobLov. The Boblov X6 4K Waterproof Sports Action Camera comes with a nice full kit and carrying pouch. When it arrives, do not be surprised to see just a black carrying pouch and no box for it. Let me show you how it arrived after I opened the delivery box. The Boblov X6 … Read more

DBPower N6 4K Waterproof Action Camera Review!

With the rise of 4K action camera more and more companies are making them. One of those companies is DBPower. They sent me their DBPower N6 4K  action camera to test and review. This camera comes in a kit. You get all the pieces to mount it and use it including waterproof case. Let me show you the box it comes in then we will get into what comes in the package. Now in the package, … Read more

Smartomi Era Bluetooth Earbuds Review!

A few weeks back I got new set of Bluetooth Earphones. This set was from our friends over at Smartomi. This is their ERA Bluetooth earbuds or earphones as they call it on the box.  Now we have done many Bluetooth earbud reviews is the past. Will this pair pan out as an OK set? You will see in this review. First, you get the box which is small and plain. That helps with keeping the … Read more