Torque T402v Over-Ear Headphones Review!

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Today we take a look at a set of customizable headphones. This set came to us from our friends over at Torque. This is Torque’s T402v over-ear headphones. This headphone pair comes with two sets of ear pads. One set is over-ear and one is on-ear. Torques T402v are also customizable to your listing preference. I will get more into that in a few. First, let me show you the box and what comes included in the kit.

What Comes In The Box.

In the box, you get two sets of ear pads, one carrying Case, Another Pouch, the 3.5mm headphone jack, and the headphones.

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Let me show each piece individually.

3.5MM Headphone Jack

The 3.5mm jack from Torque is 1.4m long. One side has a 90-degree angle plug and the other is straight. The cord is detachable from the T402v headphones. The ends of the jacks are gold in color. On the straight end side, you have a microphone and some buttons. These buttons control volume, play, and pause.  When using the microphone my friend could hear me fine with little background noise.

The 3.5mm jack Torque includes is rubber coated. It has what I would call a silver foil or braided insert with a double gold cross strip inside the rubber coating. I did do a bend test on the cord. I bent it back and forth around 70 times in the same spot. The cord still works with no issue. You cant even see where I did the bend. Now I did this wire bend test after full testing of the headphones. I was not worried about the cord since I own back up 3.5mm jack for other headsets. But I wanted to make sure you are getting a quality cord.

Carry Cases

The Torque T402v comes with two carrying cases/pouches. The carrying cases are just that, to hold them in. I would not expect these cases to protect your headset from major damage. The larger case has a zipper along the side that has their brand name on it. It is a fabric case. The smaller case I would say could hold the smaller ear pads or the cord. It has a drawstring pull that closes the pouch. Let me show you some pictures of these cases.


The cases are not bad but I would have loved to see them add a hard case. Like they make for their Torque t103z v2 earbuds.

Earpads And Headphones

The Torque T402v headphones come with two sets of earpads but I’ll talk more about those in a minute. First, let talk about the headphones. The headphones are black in color with brushed metal color sides. They are a full metal construction according to company claims.

The padding on the underside of the headband is a memory foam padding. The padding and band underneath are about three-quarters of an inch thick. On the top of the band is their logo. They claim the band can be bent and won’t deform. Well, I did test that a few times (20 to be exact). Let me show you the headphones and band and bend test before I go on more about the headphones.

Bend testing Picture

The speaker part of the headphones can swivel and lay flat. This help with packing them up.  In the next photo, you can see one side laying flat.

The speakers are a 40mm bio-cell membrane diaphragm transducers. On the photo above you may be able to see four metal round pieces. The pieces are magnets. These magnets help hold on the earpads. The Torque t402v come with two sets of earpads. One set is over the ear style. The other is on-ear style. The earpads are made from the same padding as the headband. The fabric on the outside is a stretchable vinyl.

What makes these different than other headphone earpads is they are adjustable. You can adjust them to adjust your music listing experience. Both the over the ear and on the ear can be adjusted to change the music sound.

As you can see in the photo above each piece has four screws. Each screw is what the magnet sticks to. You can also see the four colors on each earpad. Each color indicates what the adjustment will do. Black is the least bass. Red and Blue would be the next step up. Now yellow would be the last step and would give you the most bass. Yellow would be good for those songs with lots of bass in them like music from rap to techno.

The padding on the over-ear pads are about one and a quarter inch thick. The on-ear pads are about an inch thick and this makes for a nice and comfy fit. You can see the thickness in the next few photos.

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Sound Quality.

When listening to the Torque t402v headphones there are a few considerations you need to factor in. The first being is if you are you listening from a phone, stereo, or an amplified sound card on a computer. When listening to these from a phone I noticed the sound level to be lower than listening to a stereo or on a sound card on my computer. The quality is okay, but the sound level just seems to be lower. Now on the stereo, you get more off that oomph you would expect to get from a high-end headphone pair. I notice though from my computer running a high-end sound card like a Soundblaster ZXR you get the best sound. This gives you the high volume level you would expect.

The second factor is the way you adjust the earpads. When you adjust the pads just right to your preference you get that experience you definitely will notice that you have been missing from those $20 Walmart headphones. When listening to these with the pads set to yellow you get that bass line you expect to hear out of that rap song. I think for listening to rock music the best setting to me has to be blue. You get some bass with the clarity of the vocals. Black I think was best for classical music.

No matter which way you set these they made it so everybody can set it to their own preference, and I encourage you to try the same song with the different color profiles so you can hear the difference.

Final Thoughts

The Torque T402v is a prime example of what you may not know you need until you to try them. With that being said you may be scared away by the price tag. At a price around $300 dollars this might scare many away.  The benefits of the Torque T402v has going for it is being able to customize your sound listening experience.  They also thought about you if you’re not set on just one style of earpads. Some may like on ear and some may like over ear. The sound quality is on par with other high-end headphones like the V-Moda’s I use daily on my PC. The one drawback for me is that on my phone they seem under-powered on the volume side. Now I only had a few phones to test so you may luck out on your end.

The build quality to me met my expectations and then some. The case, however, falls flat. I wish, it would have been a hard case but they make up for that with very durable headphones that can be sat on or bent.  For a pair of $300 headphones you want a hard shell case to protect them, soft case just isn’t enough security when you drop that much money on a headphone pair.

I would recommend these to anyone who looking for a nice pair of high-end headphones.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.