Review Of The Hunter Spider V3 Gaming Headset!

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With as many gaming headsets that hit the market each year. It can be overwhelming picking a set out. By luck today we look at a set from our friends over at Hunterspider. In the hopes that I can help make your decision a little easier. This is the Hunterspider V-3 Gaming Headset. This gaming headset is compatible with most consoles, computer, and pretty much any other device that can take a 3.5mm jack. Let take a look at the packaging first.

From the picture above you can clearly see the headset is blue and black in color. In the box, you get a user manual, single to dual 3.5mm jack splitter, you also get the headset itself.

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The 3.5MM Jack!

The first piece in the box we are looking at is the 3.5mm jack splitter. This enables you to use the single 3.5mm jack that is on the headset to split it to connect to your computer. The splitter is color coded so you know which side is the microphone plug and which one is for the speakers, pink for mic, green for audio.

The user manual is just there to tell you how to use your headset and plugs.

The Hunterspider V-3 Headset!

The Hunterspider V-3 gaming headset is black and blue in color. It has a built-in led light that is blue. The headset has the brand logo on the top of the headband. It is pleather or faux leather. On the headset, you have a cord that is a little over 7 feet in length. This helps because on the end of the cord you have the 3.5mm jack and a USB jack. the USB jack is used to power the LEDs.

The ear pads on the headset are very comfy and can be worn for hours on end. I would say they are about an inch thick and an over the ear style. The inside has a black and blue mesh that covers the 50MM drivers. The 50mm drivers sound good and deliver clear sound to the user. I won’t say they are the best I have used but they do have very decent sound. They claim it is a surround sound headset. I wouldn’t go that far of saying it surround sound but I will let you judge that for yourself if you grab these.  When listening to music you get the bass and treble you expect to get. Depending on what type of music you listing to it may sound better on metal than rap but that may be just me.  When using these to play games you hear the zings of bullets but you can miss out on someone sneaking up on you at points due to lack of true surround. On the cord connected to the headset, you have a controller. This will allow you to adjust the volume and turn your microphone on and off.

The V-3 LED Lighting!

Using the LED lighting you will need to connect the USB plugin. This will turn on the very bright colors LEDs. This will make the Hunterspider V-3 glow. The LED lights up several areas on the headset. The lighting is nice looking but can distract you at some point. I could see the LEDs when wearing them out of the sides of my eyes and the light was in my peripheral vision. Let me show you the lighting.

The V-3 Microphone

As you can see even the microphone is lit up. The microphone is omni-directional. They also claim the microphone is noise canceling. To me, the microphone blocks out some noise but it does not block out all noise. The microphone can be adjusted to sit in many positions. This does help with blocking out some noise.

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As you can see in the video above you can still hear some of the AC noise in the background.

Final Thoughts!

The Hunterspider V-3 gaming headset is a decent headset for the price. You get the sound quality you would expect from a 26$ headset.  They are comfy and can be worn for long gaming sessions. The microphone is decent and works very well. Not the best on the market but for the price well worth it. The LEDs can be nice but also distracting at times. You get a very lengthy cord that can reach a good distance. The downside is you really won’t use the LEDs when gaming on a console since the 3.5mm jack is so close to the USB plug that powers them. This makes it difficult to plug in the 3.5mm jack to your controller and the USB port to the console. With that being said they are very decent over the ear gaming headset. I could see anyone using if they don’t want to shell out a fortune for high-end headsets.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.