Overview of the BlitzWolf BW-GC2 Gaming Chair

Few things beat a good gaming chair that can handle all your late night sessions. While there are a lot of gaming chairs out there, few beat ones with a solid foot rest to prop your legs while you game. This gaming chair from Banggood is a great deal, so this is an overview article if you’re in the marketing for a gaming chair or looking for one soon. Main benefits of the Blitzwolf BW-GC2 … Read more

Atelerix Ventris Noir Gaming Chair Review!

It seems like everyone now days is needing a good gaming chair. Not all chairs are made the same and some can be rather spendy. If you’re like me right now saving some cash could be a good idea but will buying a cheap chair be worth it in the end. Well, you’re in luck because today we take a look at a chair that is under $200 right now on Amazon. This chair is … Read more

Homall Gaming Chair Product Showcase

When it comes to comfort for those of us that are gamers, you definitely want to make sure that you have something to sit in that is not only sturdy but also provides the comfort that you need. The Homall Gaming Chair just might be what you’re looking for. When gaming from your PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Gaming Computer, this gaming chair provides lumbar support for those of us such as myself that have … Read more

Best Gaming Chair for Larger People – The DX Racer Boss Series

So, some of us need a bit bigger of a chair due to having a bigger build than most others. Especially when it comes to a high-quality gaming chair and with a name you can trust. Look no further than the DX Racer Boss Series gaming chair. DX Racer is a brand that I have used in the past and their chairs have always had such an absolutely high quality as well as an insane … Read more

Esports Gaming: How to Stay Physically Fit

  Esports are slowly but surely growing into a legitimately professional sports industry, with players giving their all to win the prize. It might have been unheard of two decades ago to have people who play games professionally for a living be called athletes, but they deserve the title every bit and more. After all, esports players sacrifice their physical health for the sake of their passion – albeit in a different direction. Whereas the … Read more

Maingear Forma R Limited Edition Gaming Chair

Gaming seats have always been marketed as a Racing type seat, with bucket seat looks and more of a mean look to them.  Chairs with a sort of an Indy car flair, seams a bit off I think if you are not into racing or racing sims but it makes a little sense in this case. Maingear has been known since 2008 to build some high-end gaming machines with a sporty kind of automotive theme … Read more