Are Gaming Chairs Better Than Office Chairs?

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If you’re someone who enjoys racing-style gaming chairs, then you’ve probably asked yourself what the difference is between that chair and a typical office chair. There’s no comprehensive solution for what seats are most comfortable or supportive. This article should help you make a more informed decision about which style of chair for gaming you should choose.

Simply put, both chairs can be said to serve particular audiences by emphasising certain features:

Gaming chairs are built to look stylish, and sleek.

Office chairs are built to be comfortable and professional.

Although also incredibly comfortable for sitting over long periods, game chairs don’t focus on ergonomic features as much as office chairs do. Ergonomic office chairs are a staple in the workplace because they were conceived to meet the needs of people sitting for 8 or more hours. Online gaming is a relatively new pastime and the prevalence of chairs for gamers is related. On the other side of the coin, people have been working in modern office setups since the 1930s. Meaning ergonomic office furniture has been steadily improving over a longer period of time.

What Is The Difference Between An Office Chair And A Task Chair?

In order to further understand why ergonomic office chairs are a special subset of possible chairs for gaming, you need to know the difference between a task chair and an office chair.

By design, task chairs are cost effective chairs suitable for a number of functions and body styles. These popular low-backed chairs come with or without arms and are popular office or university fixtures.

Task chairs were initially used for stenographers and workers employed in a transcription/secretarial capacity.

Because of their low back and no-fuss design, task chairs are one of the most compact office seats. They’re quick to move as needed from room to room. Usually, executive chairs (often called “manager chairs”) look larger and more imposing.

Because of their height, however, executive chairs are not as easily relocated and generally restricted to sitting in the boardroom or other corporate meeting place — adjusted and ergonomically designed to accommodate the person who sits in frequently. Both chairs may be convenient, flexible and conform to good ergonomic standards, but task chairs allow smoother movement around the workplace.

So, why not use a task chair for gaming? It’s cheaper than both an ergonomic office chair and a racing-style gaming chair, and it’s easier to move around. The answer is that task chairs are meant for short sitting periods, whereas the other two are for sitting over long periods.

Are Gaming Chairs Better For Your Back?

When you create your gaming setup with a chair, it should support your hips, back, arms, back, shoulders, neck, and head. The chair steadies your body against gravity, so your back muscles don’t have to do all the work.

Using a chair for gaming will improve your balance and alleviate body pain. The high backrest holds your head in the right place, removing strain from your back and legs. When your back is straight and your shoulders are in the right position, muscle tension disappears. Then you will enjoy sitting comfortably for as long as you need.

Think of ergonomic chairs as having two main purposes. First, it should provide support. The backrest braces the shoulders, protecting upper body muscles. When reclining, the curve of the backrest complements natural curves of the spine, and torsion control allows it to move with the body’s natural pivot motions.

Second, is adjustability in as many regards as possible. You should be able to adjust the height of the chair, the seat depth, the torsion on the backrest, and the height of the headrest and armrests.

How Long Should A Gaming Chair Last?

A gaming chair can last at least 2 years. That said, most people can comfortably hold their chair for 3 to 5 years.

However, several variables can prolong or shorten your favourite game chair‘s lifespan: quality of materials used, how much you use it, and the level of maintenance.

Usage is the first thing to remember. Simply put, the longer you sit in your chair while gaming, the shorter the lifetime of the chair. Unfortunately, you want to enjoy your gaming chair to the utmost levels, so usage is somewhat beyond your control.

The good news is that most ergonomic chairs for gaming are built for heavy use. If you pick a luxury chair, made for heavy usage, you should be fine. However, low-quality materials maker for cheaper, short-lived chairs.

Second, you should keep in mind the quality of the build. Having a solid build would mean it lasts a long time. Usually, six components will break over time:

1. The metal framework

2. The armrests

3. The base

4. The wheels

5. Gas lifts

6. The covering material

Of the six components listed, the metal frame is expected to break the least and over the longest time.

The feature that fails most often is the gas lift. These failures have many causes, but the most common is overload. You should always verify that a chair can actually support the weight that you plan on subjecting it to.

A Hidden Aspect That Could Make You Uncomfortable

Most conventional chairs use insubstantial seat-padding. If you sit for long periods, cheap padding will obstruct your legs’ circulation. That’s what causes pins and needles or the feeling that your legs are falling asleep.

After sitting, cheap padding remains compact when you stand, so it’s not as elastic. You can test it by kneeling on your seat. If your knees feel the steel reinforcement under the cushion, you know the seat won’t be comfortable for long. The longer you sit, the more compressed the padding will get and the less comfort you’ll have over time.

Cold foam padding is the go-to luxury furniture option. It has the highest strength and longevity. It is found in rally car seats, movie seats, and high-end ergonomic chairs.


The reasons to choose a racing-style gaming chair over an ergonomic office chair are quite similar but there are some more specific aspects.

First, you have to consider your body type and relief of lumbar, neck, shoulder, and hip pain when you sit and game. A racing-style gaming chair gives you good back support and is perfect if you have a large back. However, if you play a long game with a lot of interaction with the mouse, or with windows getting constantly closed, a racing-style chair might not be the right solution for you. This is because you can’t adjust the chair very easily.

You can buy a racing-style gaming chair that includes a footrest which may be better suited for you. In the longer term, the ergonomics of an office chair will be more beneficial over the stylistic aspects of the sleek gaming chair.

Remember that it all depends on your personal needs. As with any product some are better than others. Even the same product may fit some people’s body types better than others. In short, you should do a little research and know each chair’s limits.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.