Esports Gaming: How to Stay Physically Fit

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Esports are slowly but surely growing into a legitimately professional sports industry, with players giving their all to win the prize. It might have been unheard of two decades ago to have people who play games professionally for a living be called athletes, but they deserve the title every bit and more. After all, esports players sacrifice their physical health for the sake of their passion – albeit in a different direction.

Whereas the athletes often suffer from injuries related to their sport, esports players tend to suffer from malnutrition, bad posture, and many other issues that stem from constant mental and physical fatigue. It might not necessarily be as demanding as a physically active sport, but the fact that it is not particularly demanding is why the issues pile up before players realise. Here are just a few ways an esports gamer can stay physically fit.

Daily exercise is a must but you can game at the same time!

Considering the amount of attention necessary for esports players to be fully focused on winning their games, it is no surprise that they do not pay too much attention to physical exercise. That said, you do not have to do workouts in a gym to stay physically fit. Some examples include:

  • Walking. Some ancient Chinese sources state that the key to immortality is to walk a thousand steps every day. While it is undoubtedly exaggerated, there is a good reason why walking is considered the key to immortality – it is one of the best things you can do to stay fit. Walking is not physically taxing, and it can help you destress when the going gets tough.

You can incorporate gaming into walking by doing several things including playing Pokemon Go and catching pokemon and training them while doing your walk.  This is can get people out and doing miles as when you get eggs you have to walk a certain amount of km in order to hatch them to find out what kind of Pokemon that you get.

  • Jogging. Aside from walking, if you are more willing to exert more effort in staying healthy, jogging for thirty minutes a day is an excellent way of keeping healthy. It might take more effort than walking, but all you need are a good pair of shoes and some tunes to keep you focused.

Now, where Pokemon GO is played at a slow pace, you walk and you catch Pokemon, if you want to play a game with a quicker jogging pace you can play Zombies, Run! on your phone.  This game is like being part of an interactive movie or Walking Dead episode where you will be giving missions and be told when you are getting close or chased by Zombies and when you need to run.  This game is ideal if you want to move at a quicker pace and prefer more of an audio game than having to stop and look at your phone and swipe to catch things.

But While Gaming at Home Do not underestimate the importance of a gaming chair

One of the reasons why gamers suffer from back pain and other physical ailments is due to poor posture. It stems from continually being seated for hours on end as they train and compete for their next tourney. When you spend so much time sitting down, it is vital that you have an excellent gaming chair to fix your posture. Fortunately, you can get a gaming chair cheap from a reputable source, which means acquiring a quality piece such as the X rocker gaming chair is not an issue for those with a budget. It might not seem like that big a deal, but back pain is something that can take months or years to acquire. Once it is there, it will take a similar amount of time to heal. Invest in a gaming chair as soon as you can.

Aside from daily exercise and good posture, there is also the issue of diet. Never forget to eat healthy and regularly, and you will have the energy you need to keep gaming. Keep in mind that acquiring the skill to compete in your favourite game is not worth compromising your health!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.