Best Recommendations: Top Free Antivirus Software Coming in 2020

An antivirus is sophisticated software for detecting and combating viruses. The primary purpose of such applications is to prevent system infection and to remove viruses and malware from the file directories. Each antivirus app does its job but in its particular way. The main criteria to understand the reliability of antivirus software are safety level, functionality, and ease of use. The priority is a security indicator, which implies the number of viruses that the program can protect the user against.

The antivirus software market and the new products appear almost every month. But here we will talk, not about some new players. We will pay attention to reliable free antivirus software, which is continuously improved and adds new features to its functionality.

ESET Antivirus

ESET NOD32 is an antivirus with a rich history. In 2020, it will present the elaborate system of ThreatSense aimed at predicting the actions of viruses and preventing them. Even without special skills in using PC software, it is easy to understand the antivirus interface. All you have to do is to scan the system periodically and update the bases on time.


  • It doesn’t take much OS resources even during the upgrade process
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Highly efficient virus detection


  • It does not work correctly with infected files. There is no problem with removing viruses, but if you want to treat a file, something might go wrong

Avast Antivirus

In 2020, Avast Company combines all its antivirus possibilities in one comprehensive solution – free version of the updated Avast Internet Security, which includes anti-spam technology and a more developed firewall. Avast is particularly efficient and convenient to use if you want to establish your security configuration. There is no reason to question its reliability. It does not create a significant load on the system but does its job. Avast Free is updated timely and without unnecessary questions – everything works immediately after installation.


  • Wide functionality
  • Silent mode setting, in which the program does not cause system loads on the system
  • Real-time threat analyzer
  • Use minimal computer resources


  • Phishing protection is rather average and can be considered as relative disadvantages

Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender Antivirus is a well-known software, which pleases users with its wide range of features. The free edition of Bitdefender will prove its efficiency again in 2020. Its main functionality is impressive, so consider installing Bitdefender immediately. This antivirus software provides several modules that perfectly protect any PC or laptop: antispyware, antivirus, anti-phishing firewall module. It also has decent anti-spam protection, includes parental control mode, provides almost 100% PC protection and real-time security tracking. Files that were previously marked and not re-scanned. The analysis is carried out only at moments of system inactivity in order not to slow down the computer.


  • Cloud technology can detect and neutralize viruses that have not been added to any database
  • Protects against malicious web-scripts
  • Minimal user intervention is required
  • It is possible to download the software on a flash drive and check even those PCs which OS cannot start
  • It is very lightweight


  • Weak technical support
  • The program conflicts with other antivirus software – the developers still work on Bitdefender’s compatibility

Bottom Line

We understand, sometimes, choosing the antivirus became a crazy thing. Each program has its pros and cons, so it is easy to get lost, studying all of them. But the giant players like Avast, Eset, or Bitdefender are always here to protect your sensitive data from hackers. Stay updated on new features each antivirus obtains, and you will be pleasantly surprised by their functionality.

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