Joly Joy Flexible Power Strip Review

With as many electronic devices I test and review, a surge protector and power strip are good to have. One thing that can get annoying with most types of power strips however is trying to fit certain plugs in that are too large. Well, Joly Joy has come out with a solution to that and has a fix for us. Their solution is the flexible power strip with USB, electric surge protector with pivot outlets and a 5ft long extension cord.  This gives you the option to move the plug in position to fit larger plugs without conflicting with your other plugs. Let me show you the power strip.

The Joly Joy Power Strip

As you can see you have 3 Plugs and one set of USB plugins. They give you plenty of options. The last square is the power switch. When pressed down it lights up blue when power is active to the power strip.

Joly Joy Power Button Lights Up

The Joly Joy Power Strip Plugs

The plugins themselves can be repositioned to fit larger style plugin. Let me show you the powerstrip articulated.

Final Thoughts

Using the Joly Joy flexible power strip is just as easy as plugging devices in and shaping as you need. It works well and is easy to adjust. The USB port come in handy for charging phones and cameras.  Would have loved to see this in black also, plus having versions with more outlets and a longer possibly 9′ cord as well. The device goes for around $20 dollars on Amazon and is worth the purchase. They even claim it will protect against electrical surges though I couldn’t find a Joule rating or any specific surge protection details in the product info. I would go with a higher end power strip if your only buying this for the surge capability. Also the USB ports are only a max 5V 2.1A output and are not fast charging ports, so no 2.4A, QC 2/3…etc.  They will charge most modern phones and tablets slowly compared to 2.4A and Quick Charge USB ports, so better for charging earbuds, headset or Bluetooth device that doesn’t support or require Quick Charge.  Other than that I would recommend this device to you to use.  The other thing to note

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