HAVIT® Lammergeier HV-KB346L LED Definable RGB Keyboard Review

I was sent the HAVIT® Lammergeier HV-KB346L LED Definable RGB Keyboard to test and play with and I have to say, I really love this keyboard. This keyboard is the best keyboard that has come out of Havit’s showroom thus far. The ease of use and functionality is great. The choice of changing the key colors is simply beautiful. You receive this great looking box. Inside is the keyboard, instruction book, and software disc. Now if you … Read more


I know many of you did what I did, and went out on black Friday and bought the PS4 Black Friday bundle. Now this bundle included the 500GB PS4 with GTAV, and the Last of Us.   Now if your like me, I bought six other games at the same time then realized my hard drive won’t suffice. Sony did good when making the PS4 but left out the 1TB hard drive or larger which most will need … Read more

Aoao Video Watermark Pro Review

I got in my hands last week on a new software program called Aoao Video Watermark Pro. Like the name says it a watermark software utility for your videos. Now I have never used a software like this before and thought it would be cool to try out and play with.  As many of you know I create video content for the Dragon Blogger YouTube Channel, but I don’t add watermarks to my videos and let … Read more

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Review

I was fortunate enough to get a Hyper X Cloud Gaming headset, more specifically the white version. This headset was my 3rd gaming headset I have ever owned and from the moment I got this head set I love the way it was packed. The outside box is what you would expect logo, branding, specs, and other info. Then you move onto the inner box which is really built well with a nice mirrored Hyperx … Read more

MPOW MBOX Bluetooth Speaker Review

I had the honor to test and review the MPOW MBOX . This little  speaker was something  different that I have never used before . To be honest I wasn’t expecting much from this based on other Bluetooth speakers that I have seen in stores but I was pleasantly surprised as a result of testing it. When it showed up I was thinking how cool it was that this was my first time testing out a … Read more