Adkwse Wireless Endoscope Review

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Sometimes you just wonder how much stuff your wife or kid has dropped down the bathroom sink. Well fortunately for us Adkwse has us covered with their wireless endoscope. This device works side by side with your smartphone or tablet. They give you a full kit including everything you need except the smartphone or tablet. For the small price of $36.59 on Amazon. This camera snake can is 1200p.  I’ll get more into that in a few. First, let check out the package and what is included.

Adkwse WiFi Endoscope Packaging

As you can see the package is pretty plain but it does show the wire size and camera resolution.

Whats in the Adkwse WiFi Endoscope Package?

Inside the package, you have several items.  You get one WiFi transmitter and there is one 33 foot Endoscope camera, yep 10 meters or approx 33 feet of snaking length. It also has one set of accessory tips for the camera. You also get one USB adapter and one charging cable. The last piece is the user manual. In the next few pictures, you can see how they show up in the box and your first glimpse of each item.

Check Out My Video Unboxing the Adkwse WiFi Endoscope

The accessories tips for the endoscope camera!

In the package, you get a set of accessories tips. Each tip has its own function. All 4 tips come in a plastic tube container.  You get one magnetic tip, one hook tip, One mirrored, and one waterproof cap. Each tip is screwed on to the end of the camera. The one tip has a rubber o ring for waterproofing but it is just a plain cap. The hook can be used to hook any item that may have fallen I used it for a wedding ring my wife dropped down the sink. The magnetic tip can be used to grab metal items that cannot be hooked. The last is the mirrored tip can be used to see around edges that you may not be able to see with normal views.

Adkwse WiFi Endoscope WiFi Transmitter!

The WiFi transmitter has a built-in battery. The battery capacity is 800 mAh. It takes two hours to charge to full capacity. This is done with the included USB cord and the cord connects to the side of the transmitter. This also helps for when you’re doing an underwater recording. Since you don’t have to have the device plugged in mean no short-circuiting your other devices. This is also where you will find the port to plug in the camera and the two LEDs that tell you if the WiFi is connected and the battery is charged. It also where the power button is. You can see this in the next few photos.

About the Adkwse Wireless Endoscope Camera

The camera on the Adkwse Wireless Endoscope has a 33-foot cord length. The cord is a semi-rigid design. This means it is sturdy but can be bent to go in certain bends It also has 8 LED lights on the front of the camera lens. The LED’s can be adjusted to brighten or dim or just be shut off. The cord connects to the WiFi transmitter. The camera itself is 2 megapixels. I know that may not seem like a lot in this day in age but it should do the trick for what it is designed for.  The resolution is  1600 x 1200 / 1280 x 720 / 640 x 480. So it gives you a few options to record in. It also records at 30 frames per second.

On the back end of the camera near the Micro USB port that you plug in is the wheel that will allow you to adjust the camera lights.

 User Manual And Camera App

The user manual is short and simple. It tells you about your device and what is included and also shows you how to get the app for the camera. It also shows you how to install software to use on your computer.  The App for your mobile device can either be found in the iTunes tore or Google play. Now it also gives you the choice of scanning a QR code. I will leave a picture for you with the QR  code. I will also leave you the link for the computer app. First, I will show you the picture with the QR code for mobile device and walk you through how to use it.

Once the software is installed on your Mobile device, you can connect it to the Adkwse Endoscope very easy. You go to your wifi setting and look for WiFi signal named WiFi Look. Make sure that you have the camera turned on for this step. Once connected you have a few options. The first is you can modify resolution from 1600*1200p, 640*480p, and 1280*720P. On the app, it will also let you chose if you want to take photos or record videos. The app is also where you will see the option to view your videos or photos. This is also where you can change it to rotate the screen by 90 degrees. The app is simple and easy to use.  First I will show the mobile app software walkthrough video before we get into the computer software.

Watch the Adkwse Endoscope Mobile Software Install And Use Here

Using the included computer software is a little different. To install this software you will need to type in the URL link they provide in the manual. They promise there are no viruses. The URL is ( ). You then open the RAR File on your computer and click and install the Viewplaycap app and install the setup.exe file. Once installed you connect the usb 2.0 adapter with the device plugged into it and connect to your computer USB 2.0 OR 3.0 port.  If you can’t unpack rar files natively you will need free software like 7-Zip to unpack the rar file first.

This is where you will now open the ViewPlaycap and choose USB2.0 PC camera in the device list. In the software, you will have all the same options as the other software including photos and videos.

Watch The Testing And Camera Use Here

As you can see in the video above I tested and used the camera in a few ways. I did a full on water test too.  I even went back after I did the video and retested to make sure the camera stood up in water use and didn’t degrade or break from being exposed. I must admit that I was impressed that no water damage happened to the camera from the little o ring that protects it.

Final Thoughts on the Adkwse Wireless Endoscope

The Adkwse Wireless Endoscope works well for the price and comes with everything you could need to use it except for a carrying case. This is something I would have loved to see but not really upset about. The camera also works well but would have loved to see a higher megapixel range for if you wanted to record fine details, like maybe look at insects close up in macro mode and not scare them by snaking the camera up to them. The cord is very long and will reach almost any job you need it for. The water proofing works well and I am very impressed with that aspect. For $36.95 you get a nice little gadget that may get you out of a tight spot in the future. Like when my wife dropped her wedding ring down the bathroom sink. This helped us determine it was still there and I was able to hook it and get it back.  I think everyone should have one of these in there tool box.  You could also use one to help you run speaker wires or other wires in between walls, scan your vents and so much more.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.