Recover Deleted Messages, Contacts or All on Data on iPhone, iPad, iPod without Backup

What do you do when you are running out of space? How then, do you manage to make a space in such a situation? The well-sorted yet the hardest way that remains is deleting the threads of text messages in your iPhone. With each deletion, you feel a part of you, going to the recycle bin. But in order to vacate space, you are bound to make such sacrifices. Then one fine day, you are looking for the message that you have deleted, considering it may not be required in the future.

You trace the thread of message in the recycle bin, with a hope that it might be there, but to no avail. You then just recall about the iTunes, iCloud backup and you break out in a cold sweat for not maintaining a backup. It puts you in wonder for how to recover the deleted text messages iPhone without backup.

Also, when it comes to the contacts, losing them lead to wiping out the line of communication with the person. And when you realize the importance of contacts, you feel helpless for not having idea what to do next. Little do you find any trace of it in the iTunes, iCloud, as you have failed to maintain the backup of the deleted contact number. Now you just begin to going to the loops of worries, and will do anything to know how to retrieve deleted contacts on iPhone without backup.

Don’t worry! You’re not alone. We’ve faced it earlier. Therefore, sharing this post is our motive to make you knowledgeable on the most effective way to recover the deleted text messages of iPhone or any other data. So that, you won’t have to wander anywhere!

Well, FYI, you can still recover the deleted text messages of iPhone and retrieve the deleted contacts without the need of the backup. Yes, that’s correct, even if you have failed to maintain the backup in the first place, you can relocate your crucial contacts back and regain the channel for communication with them. To accomplish the task, we need the reliable software that will prove to combat the problem of losing the data and retrieve it in a blink of an eye. We strongly recommend the below mentioned tool for performing the iPhone data recovery without backup.

TenorShare UltData

The unfortunate situation of losing the data without keeping a backup eats you from within. Especially, when you fail to keep a backup to save you from such crisis! But to pave away your stress for the same, we personally suggest you to use this amazingly effortless –Tenorshare’s UltData! It is one of the most reliable, data recovery software that promotes the iPhone data recovery without the requirement of backup even in the latest iOS 12 beta version. All you need is your iOS device from where the data has been lost, connect it with your system in use and recover deleted text messages iPhone without backup.

To believe the magic, you need to experience it. Which is why, Tenorshare UltData gives its users a free trial to examine the product and then plan your decision. To live the restoring process, you need to follow the below steps diligently to unravel the magic of this mighty software.

Step 1 Install Tenorshare in your System

To begin with, Install the Tenorshare’s UltData in your PC/Mac and connect your iOS device with using USB cable. Run the software and you will view that by default ‘Recover from iOS device’ mode will be set. Also, within a fraction of seconds, the program will automatically detect your iOS device.

ultdata main interface

Step 2 Select the Data types

Once your device appears in the software, you will see an array of data types available in your iPhone. Depending upon your needs, select the icons of messages, contacts and retrieve deleted contacts on iPhone without backup. You can also, recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone without backup by tapping on the WhatsApp folder accordingly.

selecting data

Step 3 Preview all the Selections

Before proceeding to the final step of restoring, you must preview the selected data types. To do this, just select the needed ones from left panel.


preview data

Step 4 Recover the data

If you are content with the selections you have made, you may press on the ‘Recover’ tab for completing the iPhone data recovery without backup. Within a fraction of seconds, your lost data will be retrieved. Make sure to select whether you want to recover to your iOS device or computer.

recovering data

Bottom Line

Misplacing data can lead to a scenario of loss of data. But to combat this issue, Tenorshare’s UltData drives as a proven solution. UltData is a highly, secured and reliable software, compatible with both the Windows/ Mac system, lets you retrieve the data without the necessity of maintaining a backup anywhere. Any range of data, for instance, messages, notes and contacts, can be relocated and returned back to the iOS device.

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