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One of my Facebook followers was very confused when a publish on my Facebook notes was about teaching my Grandmother about the Internet, this of course was a guest article by Kimberly Crawley but in my Facebook notes it didn’t mention the author of the post at all just showed the title and the body which made the article appear to have been written by me to all my Facebook friends.

I decided I can no longer import my feed directly into my Facebook notes (which read in full article) and I was about to disable it when I learned that each individual author has their own feed in WordPress by default.  The feed works like this:<author>/feed

So my personal RSS Feed for all my own articles published in WordPress would be:

With this new information I was able to update my Facebook so my notes only imported my own personal RSS feed information, this was much more preferable.  My Dragon Blogger Facebook Fanpage still imports the full blog RSS feed as it is a fan page devoted to the site, but not my personal facebook profile rightly only displays my written content.

When running a multi-author blog and feeding your social media networks from your blog feed you may want to consider using your personal feed in some cases where you don’t want a guest article to be mistaken as your own.

-Dragon Blogger

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