Wowza – Media Streaming Service for Any Screen

For those of you who doesn’t know what Wowza offers and what do they mean by media streaming service; let’s give you a small explanation. Wowza is premium software which acts as a media server that  delivers high performance with high value streaming of media and video for almost any screen size. The word media streaming means the live or on-demand streaming of videos or just about any media content that you want. Here are just some of the benefits of using this software.

Wowza Media Server 3.5
Wowza Media Server 3.5

High and Scalable Performance

Wowza Media Server 3 delivers powerful performance with video streaming rates of up to 10Gbps per server video streaming. This enables you to enjoy live streaming and have videos on demand. Off course, such types of high scalable performance would only be delivered by powerful hardware which is what you can expect.

Unified Cross Platform Availability

As mentioned earlier, the software provides unified video streaming which can be played on any screen size simultaneously. Plenty of Add-ons such as Wowza Transcoder enables you to take live content to any H.264 compatible screen. The company has ensured that it is also available on a wide range of operating systems which includes Windows (all versions), all variants of Linux, UNIX and Mac OS X.

Manageable – Extensible and Economical

The user friendly interface and easy tools makes media server management simple. A wide set of API’s with the help of Java lets you extend the performance and functionality of media streaming and server management. These API’s also allows you to install plenty of extensions to achieve better scalability within the server. Wowza Media Streaming server 3 is available through three varied licenses. One of them offers a one day license whereas other offers a monthly license. The developer license is available free of cost while the Perpetual License is available at $995.

We already talked about the two features that Wowza offers i.e., Live streaming and Video on demand. In addition to these two, Wowza API’s allows you to create your own chat application to share images or chat messages. The server offers a solid flash server foundation with full shared object support. When we are talking about live streaming, it also includes live recording. The server-side web-cam recording enables users to use server-side apps to record videos.

If you’re still confused with whether to choose Wowza Media streaming server 3, Adobe FMIS or Microsoft IIS smooth streaming then let me put a comparison between these three.

Comparison between Wowza Media Server 3, Adobe FMIS and MS ISS

Comparison between Wowza, Adobe FMIS and Microsoft IIS
Click to Enlarge – Comparison between Wowza, Adobe FMIS and Microsoft IIS

Take a look at the demo server to see an example of this media streaming platform.

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