Super Mario Flash 1

Top 7 Google Chrome Extensions to Enhance Usability

Google Chrome is by far the most popular web browser across the globe. According to recent statistics from W3 Schools, the Google chrome web browser is being used by 52.7% of users.  There are multiple reasons to why it became so much popular. Just to outline few, the Chrome web browser starts up within few seconds and is being supported by a massive number of developers who are constantly updating their apps and extensions. There … Read more

Sticky Notes

Top 5 Google Chrome Note Taking Extensions

Technology has evolved so extensively and you can see the difference by checking out different activities that you were used to doing about 3-4 years ago compared to how you do them today. Do you even remember when was the last time you’ve used a pen and sheet of paper to take down notes from the Internet or to write down your ideas? Do you ever write down web page URL’s on a sheet of … Read more

ThinQ Fitness

5 Top Google Chrome Fitness Extensions

Fitness-savvy guys and girls, I’m sure that you would have been using plenty of fitness applications on your smartphones. After-all they have been providing real value for the fitness activities you do by keeping track of your daily tasks and some track your food intake as well. But what if you don’t have a smartphone or you don’t want to use your smartphone for recording these activities? There is an alternative for those of us … Read more

Pixlr Photo Editor

5 Best Photo Editing Google Chrome Extensions

As you all know, Google Chrome is a very popular Internet browser which is used by millions. One of the main reasons Google rose to the top of the browser market is due to the powerful developer support and simplicity that comes from Chrome Extensions. There are thousands of Google Chrome extensions and many of which are very useful and when it comes to photo editing.  The Google Chrome web store is crowded with a … Read more

Root Samsung Galaxy S4

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Running on Exynos 5 Processor

A couple of weeks ago, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4, which is one of the world’s most anticipated Android smartphones at an unpacked event in New York. Although after an official announcement, we have yet to see the Galaxy S4 on sale for the masses, but that didn’t stop the folks over at XDA-Developers who have already managed to root the Samsung Galaxy S4 which runs specifically on the Exynos 5 octa-core processor. While I … Read more

Google Chrome Ditching Webkit for Blink

Google Ditched Webkit for its own Blink Solution

For those folks those who are wondering what I’m talking about; Webkit and Blink are both web engines which are used by popular internet browsers such as Google Chrome and Opera. Google in a recent blog post has announced that it will ditch the  industry standard Webkit which it had been using in Chrome browser for so long now, announced they will replace it with its own handmade rendering engine called Blink.  But it isn’t … Read more

Android Terminal Commands

You Must Know These 5 Android Terminal Commands

Whether you’re stuck in the middle of some crappy company’s boot logo while rooting your device or doing customization, these 5 Android terminal commands are those that every Android user must be aware of. In fact, it might just save you from wasting extra bucks by allowing you to recover your Android device at your home instead of bringing it down to a service center. Besides, some of these Android terminal commands would definitely help you … Read more

Unlock The Nexus 10 Bootloader

How to Unlock the Nexus 10 Bootloader

Nexus devices are doing a pretty nice job in terms of sales across the globe (especially in the US) and one of several reasons why people love Nexus devices is that they have the unaltered stock Android OS on them.  Although Nexus devices are being sold with a locked bootloader, it is fairly easy to unlock it including doing it on the Nexus 10. However just a bit of fair warning, unlocking the bootloader on … Read more

MWC 2013 Barcelona Day 0 Roundup

MWC 2013 Day 1 Roundup-Galaxy S IV Invitations, Nokia Lumia 720, 520 and Asus PadFone

Well, it was another busy day at Mobile World Congress (MWC 2013), Barcelona. The most exciting and much awaited announcement being made by Nokia which is launching two new Windows Phone 8 powered smartphones for the price tag of $180 for the Lumia 520 and $330 for the Lumia 720. Samsung on the other hand, sent out the notice about the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S IV launch event. This paper invitation now confirms that … Read more

MWC 2013 Barcelona Day 0 Roundup

MWC 2013 Day 0 Roundup: Note 8.0, Ascend P2, Alcatel & Firefox OS

As the time progressed, the first day at MWC 2013 Barcelona, came to an end with a number of devices being launched by various companies. Although, we will be having plenty of events tomorrow which include events from Nokia, Asus and ZTE, the Nokia one is expected to bring a new range of windows phone devices. Let’s take a look at what happened on day one of MWC 2013 at Barcelona Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 … Read more

Root Motorola RAZR i running Android 4.1.2 jelly bean

How to Root Motorola RAZR i Running Android 4.1.2 jelly bean

Motorola has recently released an update to its Android smartphone the Motorola RAZR i. If you have already updated your smartphone to this latest version then you might just need to follow this guide to root your Motorola RAZR i. The device is really beautiful in the hands of developers as it runs on an Intel Atom 2 GHz  Soc processor with PowerVR SGX540 a graphics chip. The stock ROM doesn’t really put extra butter on the smartphone … Read more

Alternative way to select e-mails in Gmail for Android

Alternate Ways to Select E-mails in Android Gmail

As a basic Android user, you should already be aware of the conventional ways of selecting e-mail messages in Gmail for Android. If you remember correctly, there is a small tiny check-box present at the beginning of each e-mail title in the list view which allows you to select multiple e-mail messages to perform certain operations such as deletion, labeling etc… However, in my case, I do miss those check-boxes a number of times and … Read more

Android Panorama Apps

5 Stunning Android Panorama Apps

Do you love taking panorama pictures? In case you are not familiar with what Panorama pictures are, the exact definition from Wikipedia states that Panorama is any wide angle view or representation of a physical space. This wide angle representation is often concluded as 360 degree view of physical space. So, getting back to our main task of taking panoramas, these are the 5 stunning Android panorama apps that will help you create panoramas easily … Read more

Wowza – Media Streaming Service for Any Screen

For those of you who doesn’t know what Wowza offers and what do they mean by media streaming service; let’s give you a small explanation. Wowza is premium software which acts as a media server that  delivers high performance with high value streaming of media and video for almost any screen size. The word media streaming means the live or on-demand streaming of videos or just about any media content that you want. Here are … Read more

Free Christmas Live Wallpapers for your Android

How are your preparations going on for this Christmas 2012 season? It is right upon us next week and I’m sure you all are be busy preparing your house for Christmas and doing your last minute shopping for gifts. It’s really tough to take time out from this busy schedule and check few things out on the Internet. However, this time, your search for Christmas live wallpapers for your Android devices ends right here. Free … Read more


Maluuba a Good Siri Alternative for Android

When Apple launched Siri, a voice assistant service, Google soon after followed the same path with a different approach. They introduced Google Now with a limited number of cards but their initial response said it all. Well, it will take time to support all of the things with the deep level of integration as Siri but in the meantime I would recommend you try your hands (or in-fact your voice) with Maluuba. Maluuba is a Siri … Read more

5 Best Fitness Apps for Android

Fitness savvy people are always hungry to find out new ways of staying fit and keeping up with their workout programs and android and iOS have been playing an important role in the allowing them to do so. Fitness is one of the most popular categories in Google Play store and it reinforces this. Off course, anything would seem boring if you don’t have any companion and that’s probably the reason why you have plenty … Read more

Best Android Hotel Apps to Help You Search for Hotels

Whether you’re traveling around the world for business tours or personal holidays, finding hotels with average rates and service is a tough task. Many of us leave this tedious task to their personal assistants or travel advisers.  However, you would be amazed to see how these Android hotel apps make everything easier and simple for you to do the leg work yourself. 5 Best Android Hotel Apps TripAdvisor TripAdvisor is an excellent companion when you’re travelling … Read more

Which is the Best Keyboard for Android for Typing Faster?

For the past few months, a wide range of on-screen applications which function as a keyboard for Android devices have shown the potential to change the way users interact and input words into their devices through the keyboard. With these number of improvements many new concepts from gesture inputs to continuous swipe input played crucial roles. This is the main reason behind a generation of various ideas and putting them forth into the new keyboard … Read more

5 Best Go Locker Themes for Android Phones

Still using the default lock-screen on your Android phone? If you are, aren’t you bored of it yet? I personally change lock-screen themes and home screen launcher themes frequently and that eventually refreshes my mind. The common mindset behind this is very simple. The human eyes are hungry for something catchy and they get bored of staring at same thing constantly everyday (most of the time). What could be the best possible alternative to the default … Read more