Best Android Hotel Apps to Help You Search for Hotels

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Whether you’re traveling around the world for business tours or personal holidays, finding hotels with average rates and service is a tough task. Many of us leave this tedious task to their personal assistants or travel advisers.  However, you would be amazed to see how these Android hotel apps make everything easier and simple for you to do the leg work yourself.

5 Best Android Hotel Apps


TripAdvisor-Android Hotel Apps

TripAdvisor is an excellent companion when you’re travelling around the world frequently. Its database takes care of everything right from reviews, photos and maps. The most stunning thing about TripAdvisor is its 75 million candid reviews posted by other travelers. TripAdvisor also makes it easy to find deals and the best hotels near you. In addition to this, TripAdvisor stays beside you to help you discover cool things to do in any new place. It also helps you to find restaurants by food type, price range and rating.

The all in one travel companion also takes care of air fares. It compares air fares and finds great deals for you. Indeed, as a traveler, you can also add your own reviews, photos and ratings to help others.

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Booking-Android Hotel Apps offers an Android app to book a room in a hotel quickly and easily. Its integrated system finds your position and then you’re a few steps away from booking a room in a respective hotel. is equipped with almost 250,000 hotels from across 177 countries. Its robust system offers great deals and better choice/value for your money. The Android app is totally free on Google Play store and like TripAdvisor, you can swipe through the real reviews and photos of the hotels posted by other guests. The guest rating also gives good idea of the service being offered in respective hotel. doesn’t charge you any booking fee which is quite amazing.


Expedia Hotels

ExpediaHotels-Android Hotel Apps

Expedia Hotels offers a wide range of hotel deals though their Android app. This saves you far more time than walking down the road looking for hotels or using a casual map program online which can be tedious. The tablet widgets within this app are pretty cool and give a crisp clear overview of what’s going on behind the bar. On the other hand, map view ensure that you get full details right from the rents to ratings easily.

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Choice Hotels – Book Now

Choice Hotel-Android Hotel Apps is equipped with 6000 hotels. The total number (of hotels) on the list is bit less than some other applications but the performance and rich set of features makes this app very fluid and useful. The integrated GPS technology helps you find hotels that are near to you. Choice hotel also offers a robust system to contact the customer care of the respective hotel and provide feedback to the development team. With Choice Hotels, you’re able to locate hotels by using city name, full address, zip/pin code and landmarks/popular attractions. The photo gallery also gives good overview of the hotel surroundings.

Download Choice Hotels – Book Now


With over 150,000 hotels listed worldwide and last minute deals to save more, makes your life easier. The “Tonight special deals” ensures that you get great deals every night. According to the claims of the developers, there are a total of 20,000 deals running for last minute booking. The app gives excellent overview of photos, rents and reviews. Its offline system allows you to access your past reservations even when you’re not connected to internet as well.  The app is currently available in 34 languages from 70 countries.

PS : One of the benefit of using for the first time is that you get an extra night free on booking of 10 days( on certain hotels).


Which is your favorite travel or hotels app for your Android phone?

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.