5 Best Go Locker Themes for Android Phones

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Still using the default lock-screen on your Android phone? If you are, aren’t you bored of it yet? I personally change lock-screen themes and home screen launcher themes frequently and that eventually refreshes my mind. The common mindset behind this is very simple. The human eyes are hungry for something catchy and they get bored of staring at same thing constantly everyday (most of the time). What could be the best possible alternative to the default Android lock-screen?  Go locker in my opinion, and with its rich set of features and customization options Go Locker stands higher in the crowd than all of the rest.

If you haven’t downloaded Go Locker for Android yet then it’s time to download it right away.

Download Go Locker

5 Best Go Locker Android Themes to Refresh Your Mind

It’s time to move on to the 5 best Go Locker themes that will definitely catch the attention of your eyes and refresh your mind or at least give you something new to stare at and you may get some useful lock screen functions.

GO Locker Fourkey Theme

GO Locker Fourkey Theme-Best Go Locker themes

As the name suggests, the Go Locker Fourkey theme consists of four shortcuts which help you access a few important applications right from the lock-screen. The default shortcuts are phone, camera, messaging and home. Sliding down the home unlocks the lock-screen. The shortcut icons have a bluish shade on them and are accompanied by black with 90% opacity. Down at the bottom, texts appear with the charging state and battery percentage.

Download Go Locker FourKey Theme

Halloween Moon Night GO Locker Theme

Halloween Moon Night GO Locker theme-Best Go Locker themes

Designed by Namu studio, the Halloween Moon Night Go Locker theme is a great mixture of Halloween colors. The top section of the theme is filled with a stylized digital clock and date. At the bottom section you have the option to unlock the screen. The theme is equipped with two shortcuts. The right shortcut gets you to phone while left shortcut brings up messaging.

This theme is compatible with Go Locker as well as Go Launcher.

Download Halloween Moon Night GO Locker theme

GO Locker Paper-cut Theme

GO Locker Paper-cut Theme-Best Go Locker themes

Go Locker Paper-cut theme is a creation of the Go Developer team itself. The chat balloon which appears just beside the Go Locker text gives full information about the time, date and alarm clock. The scissor right above the tail end of the theme plays important role in unlocking the screen. You simply need to tap on scissor, move it to the right side and magically screen will unfold itself in no time. It is a unique twist that I personally enjoy!

Download Go Locker Paper-cut theme

GO Locker 3D Worm Theme

GO Locker 3D Worm Theme-Best Go Locker themes

Go Locker 3D Worm theme brings new dimensions to the lock-screen user interface. The 3D theme, as said, is a truly an awesome work of the Go developers. The green worm (I don’t really know the exact name), roams around the screen till the time you stare at it. The movements are so realistic that it explicitly produces a 3D like experience. Any guesses how to unlock the screen? You just slice/cut the innocent worm in two pieces and you have your home screen in front of you.

Download Go Locker 3D Worm theme

Go Locker Dark theme

Go Locker Dark theme-Best Go Locker themes

Remember the Nexus live wallpaper that used to come with various Android smartphones? The Go Locker Dark theme is very similar to the ideology of the Nexus live wallpaper. Four different shortcuts with four color stripes on the left side will lead you to their respective applications. You just need to swipe them towards the right.

Download Go Locker Dark theme

Excited about Halloween? Try these themes. They do have something unique and are perfect fit for Halloween.

GO Locker Halloween Theme by Gimli Studio

Halloween Pumpkin GO Locker by Nemus

GO Locker Theme Halloween by Themes for Droid

GO Locker Halloween Theme by VeSo Apps

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.