Alternate Ways to Select E-mails in Android Gmail

As a basic Android user, you should already be aware of the conventional ways of selecting e-mail messages in Gmail for Android. If you remember correctly, there is a small tiny check-box present at the beginning of each e-mail title in the list view which allows you to select multiple e-mail messages to perform certain operations such as deletion, labeling etc…

However, in my case, I do miss those check-boxes a number of times and that annoys me quite a bit. The reason why it annoys me so bad is when I miss those check-boxes, it opens the email message and then I have to go back select it all over again to repeat the process.

Fortunately, Gmail for Android has an internal setting which allows us to remove the check-boxes completely and replace those criteria with a long selection. The long press and hold simply selects the specific e-mail message once you enable the respective setting from the settings section. Here’s how to do it.

Alternate Way to Select E-mails in Android Gmail

  1. Open Gmail for Android
  2. Go to settings
  3. Under General settings, find an option which says – Hide Check-boxes
  4. Remove the tick-mark that is present to enable long selection mode

Alternative way to select e-mails in Gmail for Android

That’s it! Now, you don’t need to worry about opening an e-mail message accidentally while making selection.

PS – You may not find this option on Android devices running Android 4.2.1.

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