The X-UAV ONE EPO Aeroplane Kit with Motor

I remember when I was a boy, my mother bought me an airplane one year. It had a string attached and once the motor, (which was gas) was cranked up, it was moving and ready to fly. Sadly, I had no clue what I was doing, and it crashed. It never got off the ground again, but for many years, I kept it, hoping and dreaming that one day it would fly.


Sadly, those days are gone, and I have no idea where that plane went. Maybe it got into the hands of someone who knew more than I, how to care for it, and how to get it into the air.

Gearbest has a plane for anyone who likes the AV transmitter type air planes, and it is not too badly priced from what I can tell.


This plane looks a lot like a glider to me, with the propeller behind the main wing.

The nose of the plane has a 2 axis servo that can handle a Mini HD camera.  I am not sure what camera, and they did not provide a link to one, but if you’re a hobbyist who is into this kind of thing, then it is possible you already know, and I am sure the service department can help out in this area.


Now, the size. This is not a little toy. It is nearly as big as I am, and that is big. The wingspan is 71 inches. And the length is 42.5 inches. This makes it something perfect for aerial exploring, amongst other things. I know of a few uses for this right now, especially when a large amount of ground needs to be covered and aerial pictures would help, or just to have fun with on the weekend.


There are a few things not included, so I encourage you to look at the web page for further details. No information on range and altitude is given so I cannot say what they are. It may be more a function of the controller and local regulations, but it would be fun to watch.


I like the idea of a remote controlled plane, and would enjoy trying one of these out. There is a park close by to where I live that is designated for the use of AV planes and other such fun. Who knows, maybe I will take to the skies soon.

So if you are looking for a DIY airplane that you can add an HD camera and play around with, the X-UAV ONE EPO Aeroplane Kit with Motor maybe worth looking at!

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