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Author hReview
  • Author hReview
  • Rating: 4.5
  • WordPress Plugin: Hesham Zebida
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  • On December 8, 2012
  • Last modified:January 18, 2013

Review Summary:

Author hReview lets you create detailed review summary boxes that are professional looking as well as adding review microdata for Google SERP to your review posts.

I started using Author hReview on all of my primary blogs and updating some of my review articles to leverage the features of Author hReview which is a fantastic plugin written by Hesham Zebida.

Author hReview allows you to add review info boxes at the top and optionally at the bottom of your posts as well as add the appropriate microdata so that the star rating you apply for the product or service you reviewed shows up in the Google search results.


It is suggested that this helps convince a user to click on the link and helps drive clicks to your site because of the rating, but I have not been using review microdata long enough to confirm for myself if this has any impact on the SERP or CTR ratios of posts that use the review data.  They do however look more professional and combined with authorship can make for professional looking SERP listings.


Author hReview gives you various options in how to display the box whether it is a vertical info box aligned left or right, or a light box that is horizontal and sits on top of your blog posts.  This lets you tailor the box to your own CSS and allow it to work around any banner ads you may have sitting at the top of your blog.


Many of the big time marketers will tell you the traditional way of selling affiliate products or reviewed products where you just mix text links with a banner at the bottom, top or middle is old school and isn’t an effective way to market a reviewed product anymore.  Having a professional summary box with the basic information, review rating and an easy way for readers to buy or purchase the product or service are more efficient and visually appealing.

Here is an example of Light Box at top:


Again, I can’t give my own feedback on conversion rates because I only started using Author hReview a short time ago, but I can tell you that it gives the appearance of a professional summarized review and does look more visually appealing when I come across a blog that implements a review format in this structure.

I do recommend Author hReview if you are wanting to do reviews and showcase any type of reviews on your blog, whether it is WordPress plugins, games, apps, software you can leverage this plugin to showcase your reviews.


Author hReview lets you create detailed review summary boxes that are professional looking as well as adding review microdata for Google SERP to your review posts.
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Justin Germino
  • This seems interesting, but the price doesn’t justify it, for the time being. I’ll have to settle without it.

    • There is a more limited version of Author hReview that is completely free in the WordPress plugin archives, it still provides the basic top/bottom author info box, but without some of the customization features. It is still perfect and 100% free and highly recommended. I reviewed the free version of author hReview as well for WPCypher.

      • Does it include Google + authorship implementation?

        • It doesn’t specifically, my guess is it assumes you already have this setup and have your blog claimed on Google+, it doesn’t add the rel=author or link to your Google+ profile by default since it doesn’t have input to set it.

  • I can tell you with my experience with hReview? I received a few sales after I started using it whereas I had none before. So for me hReview actually did help me convert readers into buyers!