Aug 032015

The response we received for the last iRULU WalknBook giveaway was huge, this was the Orange model of the Walknbook Windows Tablet.  This time we get to giveaway the exact same WalknBook but the Green model instead!  This is your chance to enter to win the best of both worlds between a tablet and a laptop with the iRULU Windows Tablet.

The iRULU WalknBook sports 2GB RAM and 32GB Storage and has an Intel BayTrail-T Quad Core Processor the 10.1″ screen has a 1280×800 resolution and you can add in up to 128GB of storage with an SD Card which is seen as a 2nd drive. YES, this tablet can be upgraded to Windows 10 too for free and with ease!

Enter to Win the iRULU WalknBook Green Windows Tablet
iRulu WalknBook Windows Tablet Giveaway

Can’t wait?  Order it Today, at $199 these tablets are a great deal!

Justin Germino
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Justin Germino


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Justin Germino
  • Janus LaDove

    This gleam app isn’t loading.

  • iowarose

    The video is awesome and it would be so very to win the iRulu WalknBook Windows Tablet (Green Model)
    Windows 8.1, 10.1″ IPS Touch Screen (1280 by 800 resolution)
    Intel BayTrail-T Quad Core Processor (1.22-1.83 GHz)
    2GB RAM +32 GB Flash extendable to 128GB with Micro SD Card, 7 hours battery life
    Includes detachable keyboard and case, less than 1/2 ” thick , weighs 1.3lbs
    Includes Office 365, 1TB OneDrive Cloud Storage, and 60 free Skype minutes per month. My family would probably try to borrow!

  • Barry Catley

    It would be neat to win one of these!!!

  • Edmond Leung

    Holy batman, Wow, prize
    tablet is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is
    tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the
    contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been
    nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here
    desperately needs the tablet to work and eat. A life changing

  • Georgia Vetsou

    thank you so much amazing giveaway.

  • Love the IRULU! My family loves movies and watch them all the time. They have mediacom which gives them open access to all sites and plenty gigabites. I have Dish Network and only get 4 gig a month which I use up in 2 weeks so I would give it to the kids if I win.

  • Baldo Sanfilippo

    liked and shared

  • Georgia Vetsou

    Amazing 18 Cool Internet Tricks You Didn’t Know.!!!!Thanks for the chance to win a green WalknBook at Dragon Blogger.!!!!

  • kathleenkelly

    I am trying to sign into Twitch to take advantage of the follow dragonbloggers on Twitch TV. I have an account but it keeps telling me my sign in has expired??? So how do I fix this I wonder?

  • Donna_46

    It would be neat to win one of these!!!

  • I am not seeing the viewing angle mentioned on the Amazon page. Am I blind?

    • Those rats, they updated and left that out, the orange one shows the viewing angle still

      So here is a cheat, it is 178 degree viewing angle, everyone can put that as the answer 🙂

      • Poo, I randomly selected one since I didn’t see it and moved on.

        • You get credit either way, I wasn’t going to negate the entry for wrong answers. It was only to help drive the click and confirm someone actually looked at the product which you clearly did.

        • You are awesome as always!

  • Norma Macdonald Robertson

    I never saw the viewing angle on amazon neither did I hear any mention in the reveiw of product not sure if blind and deaf

    • The orange model listed the viewing angle, the green didn’t not sure why they changed product spec in Amazon. It is 178 but you get credit just for looking even if you picked wrong answer.

  • Fantastic gift !!! I wish I won!!!because i haven’t tablet & laptop.

  • Rebecca Foughty

    Wow! This would be great for us because my daughter dropped my husbands computer and he doesnt have anything to use but mine!

  • iowarose


  • JohnnyCNote

    I’ll take one – more if you got ’em…

  • I couldn’t find the viewing angle but it said you’ll experience bright, crisp pictures and sharp text quality every time, no matter what the viewing angle.Thanks for thew awesome giveaway!!! Would love xXx to win!!!

  • imay87

    Awesome tablet, hope to win !

  • Jeanne Coulombe

    Great giveaway! I really would love to win one of these and have the bragging rights 😉 Looks like a great tablet and I would love the chance to show it off to all our friends and family! Thank you for the chance !

  • cynteer

    Luv this giveaway TY so cool.

  • Linda Smith

    This would be nice to win!!

  • John

    Great giveaway someone is gonna be a very happy, lucky person!!

  • sharon shafran

    great if i win this will be so happy

  • Jeanie Potter

    angle is 178

  • Rhonda

    This device looks like it has a lot of great qualities. Would love to have one for my granddaughter.

  • Yash

    thnx fr this amazing giveaway… (Y)

  • Sabrina StLaurent MacDougall

    thanks for the giveaway!

  • Nataly K.

    Awesome! 😀

  • Eric


  • asus kybd

    Sure you can do that Windows 10 upgrade! There is NO distribution media for the software, you need to go to their website and download 5.3 Gigabytes worth of a COMPRESSED ZIPFILE! Same 5.3Gb for Windows 8.1 also, if you were just trying to repair a damaged unit. To be unpacked WHERE exactly? Oh yeah, on that uncluttered little doodad called a “Wankenbook” you’re mentally masturbating with!

  • asus kybd

    Every year, these things get smaller and slimmer while you and I get JUST THE OPPOSITE.