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I have scoured dozens of web sites and forums online to bring you a compilation of all Paint.NET Plug-in effects I have found from the various forums and sites.  All of these were found offered for free, and I am basically giving my fellow Paint.NET artists access to the same plug-ins so they don’t have to spend hours trying to find them on their own.

I found plug-ins to provide shadow effects, curve text, render all sorts of patterns. These plug-ins make Paint.NET much more efficient and useful at doing graphic art work, but still are shy of being as full featured as Adobe Photoshop, still for a free paint program based completely on .NET framework you will be surprised at just how powerful this paint program is.

To install these plug-ins, make sure you first download and install Paint.NET

then open the “Effects” folder where you Paint.NET installation directory is.

Download and Unzip all of the .DLL files directly into your Paint.NET Effects folder and restart your program, and you will see all of the new options in your drop downs.

Enjoy, and let me know if you find any that I haven’t found yet, you can click here to get and download the plugins that I use. Paint.NET Effects
Paint.Net AtillaPro/

Here is just a screen shot of some of the plug-ins in the Render Dropdown:

-Dragon Blogger

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  • [email protected] Painting

    That’s a nice bunch of plugins. Does it work without any errors?

    • They all work without any problems or errors, I have installed on 2 Windows XP machines and 2 VISTA machines.

  • Cam

    I tried putting all of these on and it wouldn’t go. Is there any way to get it to work?

    • I have done these same install on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 64 bit without any issue? Can you describe your problem?

  • BDauterive

    Have downloadedd plugins and installed all the .dlls in the paint.net effects folder but when I start the program they don’t show up.

    I am currently running running Win7 Ultimate 64-bit

    • Check under the subfolders of effects like the Photo Effects, Render and Selection sub menus. The plugins don’t add directly into the main “Effects drop down” but get added to several sub categories.

  • TheGooch

    I can’t find the curved text effect, do you know where it’s at?

    • I usually use this method: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/15571-curved-text/ to manually curve / rotate text, or the tubular effect on the selected text as an image.

  • Where do you find the curve text effect and how do you use it? I downloaded the plug ins and think I put in the right place. Thanks for the info and download but I need to know how to use it!

    • TheGooch

      I can’t find it either. I asked earlier he pointed me to the manual method( tilt on character at a time ) , which I hoped the addon would allow me to avoid having to do. Text curve effects generally let you set a pivot point around with the text bends. At least that is how photoshop does it.

      I haven’t tried the tubular effect.

      I guess I will have to get photoshop.

      • I will continue to try and find a plugin that will work, specifically one for curved text effects. If I find one I will link to it.

      • Did you guys see this link to do curved text effects? http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/14014-3d-advanced-curved-text/ Let me know if this helps.

        • TheGooch

          That’s actually where I started at when I was searching, but its 3d only. my original design was 2d with text curved like the arch in an archway, because the logo’s main part is inside of a circle. The text needs to either be inside or outside the cirlce, and it looks a lot better if follows the circle’s curve.

        • When I need to curve 2D text I use the tubular effect to make the text curve, it doesn’t convert it to 3D, but have to have text on separate layer and takes some adjusting.

  • Ah that may just work. Thanks again 🙂

  • This is a real cool plugin. I do like it!

  • Ashley

    I seriously love you for this!!!

    • I should point out that one of the plugins has a later update so will need to be updated but I am excited about Paint.NET 4.x and what features it may have.

  • FilGee

    I have been looking for spraypaint tool addon for Paint.NET like the one you get in the regular Microsoft paint! do you know if any such plugin/addon exists ?

    • Custom Brushes Mini has the closest thing to a spray paint brush -> http://paint.net.amihotornot.com.au/Features/Effects/Plugins/Tools/CustomBrushesMini/

  • FilGee

    Thanks for your reply mate i will definatly check that link out Thanks you.

  • benbschu

    Done. That was really easy! Thanks!

    • @benbschu Glad you found it helpful, I am always looking for more Paint.net plugins if you find some that aren’t on this post let me know.

    • @benbschu Glad you found it helpful, I am always looking for more Paint.net plugins if you find some that aren’t on this post let me know.

  • I always added them to the effects folder, and they all still are there. I haven’t tested adding them to the main folder.

  • I always added them to the effects folder, and they all still are there. I haven’t tested adding them to the main folder.

  • Hazzer

    how do i unzip them to my folder?

    • @Hazzer Depends on what utility you have, right click and say unzip to folder, or simply double click on zip file and it will open and you can cut/paste the files out of there and put them in another folder. If you don’t have a zip program use 7-zip which is free and great.

  • Hazzer

    so i have to get a zip software

    • @Hazzer Windows Vista and Windows 7 can read zip files by default, I don’t think Windows XP can anymore, don’t remember. Check, just double click on Zip file and it should open in a new window showing all files. If it doesn’t you need a zip program.

  • Hazzer

    im windows 7 but do i click on where iv saved them or what anyway ill try again

  • Hazzer

    do i start with paint.net or the place where i saved the dll folders

    • @Hazzer copy the zip file to the Paint.Net effects folder, then just right click on file and say extract all, then restart Paint.net

  • Hazzer

    how do i copy it there though

    • @Hazzer Okay, right click on the zip file, click on “cut” then open up the Paint.Net effects folder and right click in folder and say “paste”

  • Hazzer

    if you mean on paint.net right click it wont let me thats what im saying

  • Hazzer

    and when you say the effect5s folder do you mean on paint and then at the top theres a little butten next to adjustments is that what you mean the one that does the affects on your picture

  • Hazzer

    and when you say the zip file do you mean the dll file in your saved things

    • @Hazzer I take it you don’t have much familiarity with how Windows works and how folders work. Paint.net is an icon, this you open as an application. What you need to do is browse to the program folder. Typically you open My Computer, click C:, open Program Files, find Paint.NET folder and open the Effects folder. This folder is where you cut/paste the zip file containing the plugins. The DLL files should be extracted into this folder. If you don’t know how to navigate/copy/paste/unzip files then there is limited support I can give you, I can suggest just doing Google searches for how to do those basic Windows functions however.

  • Hazzer

    Are you really slow at typeing or just really busy or something because theres not alot of speed from you no afenc

    • @Hazzer I only blog part time and check emails comments a few times an hour. I just responded.

    • @Hazzer Here is a snapshot to show you what folder looks like with Dll files in it after you unzip them there > http://twitpic.com/7pw17h click on Full to see larger photo.

  • Hazzer

    thank you so much do you want me to like you or anything to give you credit if you know what i mean

  • Hazzer

    ok but didnt you say that You want to know if theres anymore plugins well i might of found some . you might allready have them but i dont think so and sorry but i dont know were to find them, gradient bars and align object ill try and find some more sorry if you already had them.

    • @Hazzer If you find the URL send me the site link where the add-ons are, If they aren’t included in this pack I probably don’t have them yet.

  • Hazzer

    the auto inlign one is in the new update i just realised that

  • Hazzer

    hmm i think theres alot at www.paint.net.amihotornot.com.au/Download/PluginsPack/

    • @Hazzer Wow that’s great, the Gentree and the Mirror effects are awesome. I hadn’t found that pack before.

  • Scott Stringer

    Releasing Paint.NET plugins without the permission of the Author is ILLEGAL.

    The practice of re-hosting plugins is expressly forbidden on the Paint.NET forum: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/forum-7/announcement-3-regarding-redistribution-and-copyright-of-plugins/

    You have NO RIGHT to distribute these plugins.

  • None of these plugins were gathered from the .net forum and therefore technically not applicable. However this post was written many years ago when I was more naive about linking to other items. I have updated the post to point to the original plugin author’s download pages as is the proper thing to do. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.