Aug 012013

Google just announced it last week at their event and now Dragon Blogger fans will have a chance to win the New Google Nexus 7 16GB.


Like the previous version of the Google Nexus 7, the new Nexus 7 is made by ASUS and the new one features a quad-core Qualcomm S4 Snapdragon processor with 2GB of RAM.  This allows higher quality 3D graphics than the predecessor and the new version includes Dual Band Wi-Fi.

The 7.02” screen sports a 1920×1200 HD resolution which is 323 PPI, this is the same resolution as most 24” monitors on a screen that is only 7” which is incredible.

Dual cameras now with a 1.2MP front facing and 5MP rear facing camera, the new Google Nexus 7 boasts up to 9 hours of active use battery life with it’s 3950mAh battery.  It also has Qi compatible wireless charging built in.

Audio on the new Google Nexus 7 includes stereo speakers with surround sound, powered by Fraunhofer.  The dual band wi-fi supports Wireless a/b/g/n but I would have loved to see Wireless a/c support which exists in the newest routers but client devices are still slow to support.

You also get:

  • microUSB
  • SlimPort™ enabled
  • 3.5mm audio
  • Microphone
  • Power and Volume buttons
    • GPS
    • Gyroscope
    • Accelerometer
    • Compass
    • Ambient Light

The New Google Nexus 7 in spec is better than the iPad mini in nearly every way including double the pixel resolution, equal in camera quality, 4x as much built in memory and a vastly superior processor.  At a price that is still $100 cheaper than the iPad mini.

Enter Now for your Chance to Win a Google Nexus 7

Thanks to the following sponsors joining me SBABZY, TechWalls, CravingTech, Techetron and That Gaming Critic we are able to offer this giveaway and one lucky reader and fan will get a brand new Google Nexus 7 Tablet 16GB and you can increase your odds of winning by sharing your custom link in the PromoSimple giveaway and convincing others to sign up with your referral link, up to 250 bonus entries can be gained this way.  Also it is setup so you can tweet from the widget 1x per day so you can get 30 extra entries if you come back and tweet everyday from the widget (bookmark this site). Remember to do all of the entries, thank our sponsors and if you do write a blog post and become a co-host remember to leave the post URL as your entry validation.  As an additional benefit if you choose to become a co-host you can win $50 cash for hosting the winning entry even if you don’t win (or that in addition if you do win).

Win the Brand New Google Nexus 7 16GB

This giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere over the age of 18 where rules and restrictions apply. See contest rules for details, but if you live outside the U.S. you have a few options, one you can receive $229 cash via Paypal instead of the Google Nexus 7 due to the costs in shipping and limitations in shipping Internationally directly from Google’s site, you could gift it to someone else in the U.S. or if you are willing to pay for shipping I will order the Nexus 7 delivered to me and then ship the device Internationally to you as long as you are covering shipping costs. This will add time to the delivery as it has to ship to me and then ship overseas to you however.

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  • Ben

    I gave my personal link to my girlfriend and she entered the competition, but I havent received an extra 500 votes.

    • It’s not that simple, you can get a max of 500 referral entries, you get 10 per person who signs up with your referral link. So 50 people singing up will equal the 500, they have to sign up no awarded points for just link click. Even Punchtab removed the referral entries from the link click. However, I agree with you that it looks confusing and they way it is listed it makes it appear you get 500 immediate entries for sharing once. I have brought this up with the PromoSimple team to have them clarify this better.

      • Ben

        Ahh ok! It did seem a little too generous! haha. Thanks for getting back to me 🙂

  • Hey Justin, the promosimple widget isn’t showing up on my blog — just a link to the widget. Is that normal?

    • No, it means you have a conflict or script code isn’t working right. You either went into visual editor, or are using Pretty Link Plus or Ninja Affiliate or WP-Hypnolinks and need to disable it on those posts.

      • It worked correctly the first day but now it’s not. I don’t use any of those plugins, but I may have used the visual editor for an update or something like that. Do you know how I can fix it?

        • Sent you script code again, will need to know what plugins you are using. It could be plugin conflict, try flushing W3Total cache if it clears it too.

        • I clicked on the delete cache button provided by WP Super Cache plugin and then replaced the script code and it seems to be working again. Thanks for your help.

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        this Widget is not working properly can u check it please ???

        • On your site or this site, it is loading fine for me.

  • Steel man

    I heard that news in many blogs and social networks….how can i win this nexus tell me about this….

    • It isn’t a contest, so you can’t guarantee any way to win. It is a sweepstakes so you do the entries and the more you do the better your odds of winning as there is a random draw to determine the winner. The more entries, the better your odds. The best way to get the most entries is repeatedly share the “referral” link in the refer-a-friend entry option, you can get up to 500 entries (10 x the number of people who join the giveaway under your link to a max of 50 friends)

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    I have a samsung tab but have heard great things about the Nexus 7 and I like the size of this tablet My Samsung is a 10 inch.

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    When WIll You Announce The Winner .

    • Just announced and published in widget, winner claimed the prize.

  • The winner has been chosen and claimed the prize, congrats to Gerilen from the Philippines on winning the Google Nexus 7 sweepstakes.

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