10 Crucial Ways To Speeding-Up Your WordPress Website

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

As you know word press is a content management system that is based on PHP technology, and it’s all things are managed from the dashboard of the CMS. Some time many of us, make website using purchased theme as available by different companies. And customize that theme accordingly. But real problem start when our website speed indicates very slow or less speed in testing, which is very bad thing not only for visitors but website also. Because speed of a website is one of the biggest factors when we talk about bounce rate, DA, PA, Alexa and another things.

So I’m going to describe 10 different ways to boost-up speed of your website. Here’re the list;

1. Need to uninstall unused plug-in:

There are different plug-in that is installed with the theme. You need to uninstall those plug-in which is not in use. From the technical point of view every time when the plug-in is installed then on every page called(Means open), there is a function called hook occur (mean those code is continuously call that is not in use that take time to open your website). So, remove plug-in which is not in use.

How to uninstall plug-in:

  • After that you can see a lot of menu option in the right hand side of your menu option.


click on this & remove or deactivate plugin.

2. Try to minify your CSS & JS file:

Open your website  page , right click on them , click on view source , after that in source page you’ll able to see all CSS & JS file. So click one by one and minify that file and replace with the already exists CSS & JS file.

NOTE: Please make a backup of your website, in this case of mishandling these file you can recover.

3. Use of cache plug-in:

Install cache plug-in in your website, so that they can make easy to open files at the user side. As you know cache make CSS & JS files, store at client side and every time when user open website, website will open very fast.

Some popular plug-in that is used for cache are:

  • W3 Total cache
  • WP Super Cache
  • WP Faster Cache

4. Images & their Size:

Image size of your website is also one of very important factors. Try to use .png images in your site. Transparent format also provided by .png type of images. So if you want light weight on your database use .png format with standard size like; 1350*350, 1020*300, 800*200

5. Split comment into pages:

If you are using comment section, then try to make a pagination format for this section. So that, in case if your web page filled with lots of comments it’ll take time to load your website. So your comment will also increase your loading time and make site slow in speed.

For speed-up your site you just need to do following setting in your dashboard;

In WordPress Dashboard after login there is option Setting ->Discussion->You can manage you comment from this section, for more you can see below image;



follow 1,2,3.

After click on second you will see all option and can easily manage your section of comment.

6. Remove revision from your pages:

One of the very simple but very important thing, most of the website owner doesn’t care about. If you are updating a page many time, WordPress have setting that it will automatic generate a website backup in the form of revision as a backup point.

This will be every time whenever you do any update in your website. So it’ll fill your database and slow down your website speed. So you need to take care of it and remove it time to time.

There is lot of Plugins used to remove the revision points.

If you are developer then you will manage it from database of website. It’s always a better practice to avoid plugin and manage your task manually.

Some reference of plug-in are;

  • Simple revisions delete
  • Better delete revision
  • RVG optimize database


7. Update your theme & WordPress Version:

It is the most important thing to speed-up your website. You must do with your website, because it make your website advance and increase security features of your website.


Note: Please make a backup of your website & database, before updating version of wordpress.

Simple steps to update your WordPress version;

  1. Go to your root directory, where some folder named wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes, and some file.
  2. Delete wp-admin, wp-includes and all other files except wp-content & wp-config.
  3. Downloaded latest version of wordpress.
  4. Extract the latest download folder.
  5. Upload all file & folder that you except wp-content & wp-config.
  6. After do all these things check your website, if your website is working fine, then thanks to me.
  7. If there is any problem then not to worry, you have backup. Use it.

8. Make hosting compatible to your website:

Before selection of hosting must check hosting features like; space, backup etc. If your hosting is limited & on your website number of access is more than your server response then, your website may be down or it must be slow down due to server not response as request reached. If your expectations far not that high and if all you need is a small website in that case, there variety of free wordpress hosting providers to choose from. And always keep in mind what is the need of your website.

9. Optimize your database:

You can also optimize your website database, due to that you can speed up your website pages, because it make  relationship between your related database tables & it is done by using plug-in wp-optimization. For example; you are using a website that manufacture auto car cover it means lots of data records and backup will required. So please optimize your site’s database.

10. AMP(Accelerate mobile page):

If you want a mobile page view for your website. And your website look different or slowly open in mobile like unresponsive site then use accelerate mobile page with google api .This will make you website more faster in different view.




We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.