10 Things a Blogger Resume Must Include

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Being a blogger can be both fun and beneficial to your future career prospects. Since blogging can wear off for many people, they tend to turn their attention to finding a proper job employment at some point down the line.  So while you browse for a resume templates app to start from, the rest of this article focuses on what you should include in your resume to make it stand out.

Luckily for them, blogging has made them much more viable for hiring than their non-blogging counterparts. What are some of the advantages of being a blogger who is hunting for work and what are the things to include in your resume?

  1. Acquired skills

Blogging is a constant uphill battle in which you have to learn new skills in order to stay relevant. What makes people quit blogging is the constant need to stay ahead of the curve and implement new ideas, features and trends into their blog. This makes for a fun time, at least for a while before turning into a chore.

Use this opportunity to highlight all the skills you have learned during your time as an independent blogger. These can range from photography, video editing and photo editing to soft communication skills – employers like to see them all in their submitted resumes.

  1. Software knowledge

Whatever position you are applying for, chances are that your employer will like to know what kind of software knowledge you have. As a blogger, your life has been all about learning to use new software and technologies that can help you shape your blog into being better than it was before.

This is an essential skill that helps past bloggers find new employment quite easily. Try sticking to relevant software that caters to your employers’ needs but write down everything you know about computers and software as an added bonus.

  1. References

As a blogger, you have something that other candidates can only dream of – your blog. Make sure that you include a live link to your blog inside your resume. Having a clear and short blog name is a good bonus but it isn’t necessary.

This will allow your employer to personally check your credentials and see what you have been up to in the past. This is the easiest way to asses if someone is good for a job position or not, and you will make both of your lives easier in doing so.

  1. Writing skills

What separates you from the rest of the candidates applying for the position? Bloggers are known to have perfect writing skills and a mastery of different types of content formatting and editing. This is the main difference between you and anyone else who is also applying.

Writing skills are essential for corporate and business communication, whether it’s inside the company or out. Your employers are far more likely to hire you if they are sure that you can manage your correspondences and communicate your intentions clearly in day-to-day work.

  1. Proper formatting

Speaking of which, your resume should be formatted to perfection. This means that any small error can cost you a job placement. If you are a blogger who has spent the past several years managing your own blog, you will know the importance of formatting, editing and proofreading content.

If the stress of writing your own resume is too much, you can always look for some CV building help online and get it done properly. Do anything you can in order to shine a light on your skills and let the employer know that you are the right person for the job.

  1. Social media links

The next most important thing after your blog is your social media account. You should link all the social media accounts that go by your name and your blog inside your resume. This will further prove that what you are saying in your resume is true and that you are a successful blogger who decided to find a day job for a change.

It will also make the selection process easier for your employer, knowing who you are and what your public image speaks of you. Make sure that you spruce up your social media accounts before submitting the resume just to make sure nothing goes wrong.

  1. Empiric values

The internet is all about numbers and statistics, so why not use this to your benefit? As a blogger, you have traffic and statistical analysis available to you. Try creating simple charts and diagrams that show the success and history of your blog. Include these in a small format or an outside link in the resume to make sure that your employer has some insight into how you work. The amount of care you dedicated to your blog will speak volume about who you are.

  1. Branding and marketing

No one knows more about branding and marketing than a seasoned blogger. The constant struggle to keep your blog relevant through innovative marketing and branding strategies can pay off immensely in your new job application.

There is no better way to learn new skills than through trial and error using your own playground, and employers know this. These skills are crucial in today’s business world and they are your greatest allies in finding a job employment.

  1. Samples of work

Include a couple of samples from your blog in the resume. This will give your future employer a sense of cooperation and forthcoming. You will basically hand them a piece of your blog on a platter, allowing them to take a look without going online and checking it out themselves. Include several representative pieces of writing, graphics and any other content that you deem worthy of being included.

  1. Defined ambition

The most important part of your resume as a former blogger is answering the question of why you quit blogging. Some employers are skeptical of hiring people who didn’t have an actual job before and list “blogging” as their main experience point.

Try to explain your ambition as clearly as possible and define what it is that you want to accomplish by having an actual day job for a change. This will go a long way in making sure that you are seriously considered for the position.


Bloggers who decide to become a part of the corporate system sometimes struggle with finding their footing. It’s important to stay focused and patient in finding your employment. While it may not be easy at first, you will quickly realize that there are positions that are perfect for someone with your skills. Keep looking and don’t lose hope prematurely, because the right job placement is just around the next corner.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.