Three Super Secrets Every Gamer/Developer Should Know

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You love to spend your time gaming or any other hobby. It isn’t that you want to spend all of your time doing it (or maybe you do!).

You like those moments of letting it all hang out and relaxing and enjoying yourself. But, sometimes, you feel a little bit like you should be making money doing it, instead of just the pure fun, relaxation, and engagement you get.

Well, fortunately, there may be a possibility for both! If you are a gamer, it is likely that you already possess the knowledge of what people want when it comes to mobile apps, including the Apple iOS.

Before We Get Started…

Ok, I’m not here to tell you the exact steps to take, but I am here to share the general business overview, taking into consideration what you should evaluate before proceeding.

So, if you want the quick skinny on what you need to do, as it relates to the actual process of moving forward as an iOS application (game) developer, you may want to visit any of these resources:

Secret #1: You Can Make Money Doing Something You Enjoy

Yes, iOS developers do make money (as shown by the 2016 statistics for iOS developers).

Also, there are creative ways to monetize your app. Those even include figuring out how to include ads in your apps. Once you understand how to develop those mobile apps, adding the ads is just another step in the overall process.

Most importantly, at this step, is to realize that it is possible. To not start this process by telling yourself that you cannot succeed in enjoying life, and putting that enjoyment forward into a money-making venture of success.

Secret #2: Research is a Requirement

Research is crucial and should not be skipped. Oh, it is possible that you may only want to do some light research, but I am willing to venture a guess that there is a correlation between how much research you do and the level of success you reach.

Here are three things that you will want to research, at a minimum:

  • What is involved in developing an app (including cost analysis);
  • How much you can make, becoming an iOS developer (including the expense of learning it, if applicable);
  • What your target audience and targeted app will be, for this first success.

It is helpful, as discussed in Secret #3, to understand the experiences of others, when it comes to app development. If you are a little “iffy” on the decision to move forward, this may be the difference between saying, “Yes! This is for me!” and opting for another route for your success.

Some of your research includes how to go about developing the app. For example, if your neighbor is the best app developer ever and is only going to charge you $20 (i.e. because he is already wealthy), take the shot and invest the $20!

This would come under the cost of development analysis and may help you determine whether or not to invest a few bucks in someone else developing the app for you or doing it yourself.

Again, this is all part of the needed research that you should go through before making final decisions, even decisions on resources.

Secret #3: Have a Sense of Reality

Just because there are articles on the internet that say it has never been easier to develop iOS apps does not mean that it is easy. (There is this thing called “superlatives” in the English language, but I’ll spare you.)

There is a helpful tell-it-like-it-is take on becoming an iOS developer from Reading a real-life take on the topic, from someone who has been there and done that may help you to get that sense of reality.

Or, ensure that you already have a sense of reality.


When we started this article, we were sort of contemplating how we could find that balance between enjoying our gaming and also earning some money (even if it is just enough to pay the bills).

Fortunately, it is possible to have both! And, being a gamer, you are a step ahead of your peers because you likely understand those who use mobile devices even better than others.

So, what is the next step?

If this interests you at all, the next step is to take action, whether you want to start out on your own and figure it out as you go, or get closer to ensuring your success by taking a professional course. Either way, if this is what you want, go for it!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.