It’s Time To Make Money With Your Website!

Ok, Black Friday is well behind us. So, is Cyber Monday. But, that leaves the holiday season, and more importantly, the New Year ready to go, when it comes to YOU making money! Sure, sitting down to design a strategy may be ideal. Even hiring a coach to help you develop a strategy for the New Year is ideal. But, who has time for that? And, do you really need it? You may find it … Read more

Creating a Dynamic Marketing Funnel with Convert Pro Plugin (even if you are confused by funnels!)

You have all heard the term, “funnel,” right?  There are so many buzzwords and branding out there that surrounds the concept of funnels, including #marketingFunnels, the brand #ClickFunnels, #salesFunnels, #LeadGeneration, and more.  We could almost have a game to see who could come up with the most buzzwords that are related to funnels and all of us would be winners! Great, we know how to play word games, but what does all of this mean … Read more

WordPress 4.8 and Beyond! (Widgets Galore and Much More!)

You have been using WordPress for quite a few years now. In fact, you are so accustomed to using WordPress that you are not sure how long you have been using it… exactly. And, it isn’t difficult to swap the word website with WordPress, thinking they are one and the same. You would not be far off in your assessment and you are right there with the rest of us! WordPress, in its core form, … Read more

Three Super Secrets Every Gamer/Developer Should Know

You love to spend your time gaming or any other hobby. It isn’t that you want to spend all of your time doing it (or maybe you do!). You like those moments of letting it all hang out and relaxing and enjoying yourself. But, sometimes, you feel a little bit like you should be making money doing it, instead of just the pure fun, relaxation, and engagement you get. Well, fortunately, there may be a … Read more

Why DMCA Is Just What You Need to Get Ahead in Digital Marketing!

In today’s digitally obsessed world, building a reputable online presence is a must. If you are a blogger and at the same time you are the owner of small startup, you might not be able to afford to hire a digital marketing agency. You might not even have the time! So, how do eager bloggers and entrepreneurs compete with little to no budget and even less time? When we boil away all the chaff, the … Read more

Revolutionary New Golf Game Improvement Plan Through the Aid of Technology!

The game of golf is very popular the world, over, with many people participating in the game for fun, as well as its popularity as a professional (whether you are the pro golfer or you are the one who watches the pro golfers)! Whether the interest in the game started when you were a kid taking your shots at a mini-putt golf facility, or you were drawn to the smooth strokes of the pro golfers … Read more

GetResponse and Their New Marketing Automation

If you’re looking for an unbiased, in-depth GetResponse review (even though I personally love GetResponse), you’ve come to the right place. I even solicited assistance in ensuring that this review is unbiased, in spite of what I have already said (in favor of GetResponse) in these two other Dragon Blogger articles: Unique Factors in a Review of GetResponse (Email Marketing for the Blogger) How-To Use GetResponse Effectively (and Grow Your Success in Internet Marketing) The … Read more

Gadgets, Tips, and Team Collaboration on the Internet

Once you have team-building web tools like Hootsuite, Wrike, TeamWork, or other project management tools, as well as communication tools like the multi chat client tools, you may need tips for creative ways to use them with remote team members. Here are five ways to use virtual tools to enhance effective collaboration when working remote. Introduce New Team Members Give newbies the inside scoop beforehand, about expectations and how the team functions. Arrange a virtual … Read more

5 Apps that Might Make Travelling Easier

Living now, in the 21st century, has made the enjoyment of traveling that much more exciting and has made it that much easier to facilitate. New applications for smartphones, iPhones, Androids, Tablets, etc. make finding new places a total breeze. Check out some of the most fun and easy apps to use while you are away. We have them listed for you here: TripAdvisor iPhone | Android | Windows | Website Available for iPhone, Android, … Read more

iMyfone D-Back Can Save Your iPhone from the Fishbowl!

For the last couple of weeks, we have been testing the iMyfone D-Back on our iPhones. It is really a nifty software application and one that could easily be added to your utility collection (for those of you who are Mac users and have an iPhone or two). Why Would I Want/Need This Software? First of all, this software isn’t just for iPhones, but for those who have a Mac. Yes, it is common that … Read more

Why Every Mac User Needs this VicTec CD/DVD RW Burner

There used to be a day when all laptops (and desktops) came pre-configured, from a hardware standpoint, with a CD-ROM player (at the least). You were moving up in the world if you had a DVD player (watching those videos in between projects at work). And, oh, if you had a DVD player / writer (burner), you were all set and the king/queen of your world! Either that or you were the “go to person” … Read more

Tips for Creating Your Own Travel Itinerary Using the Internet

Did you know that you can very easily create your own travel itinerary using the internet and the wonderful tools available to you, via the internet? Sometimes we use the internet and world wide web so much that we forget what an advantage it is, compared to decades before us. And, once you have used the internet to put together that itinerary, the itinerary will help you keep track of the hotels, restaurants, and the … Read more

A Look at the Incapsula Product (CDN: Performance and Security)

Many times when we start our blog (or website) we don’t see a need for a content delivery network (a.k.a. CDN). In fact, it is not surprising that we wouldn’t know what a CDN is, when we first get started. What is a CDN and How Do I Know When Someone Is Using It? First, let’s get a mental picture of what a CDN is. A CDN helps to balance the load, when it comes … Read more

(What You Need to Know) Before Building a Blog

…Using an Analogy of Building a House Many people tend to avoid starting a blog because of fear. There is this thing called the “fear of the unknown.” Even those of us who are experienced bloggers can still suffer from the fear of the unknown. It may not be about a blog, but it can hit us in any area and hit us when we least expect it. Fortunately, we can face that fear of … Read more

The Freelancing Life and How Can Help (Review)

For freelancers, there are many challenges, some of which were unanticipated from the start. Hey, you find what you are good at, and before you know it, people are paying you and the money starts rolling in at a favorable rate. It is easy to miss that part about actually setting up a system for your freelancing business. And, especially formalizing the financial management portion of your freelance business. After all, when did you become … Read more

Camtasia 2 for Mac: Getting the Basics So You Are Ready for the Big Time!

Camtasia is a wonderful application. I have used it for years and I love it. Let’s put it this way, I wouldn’t leave home without it (literally). I am also a video producer (in addition to my partner and husband being a video producer). That doesn’t mean that every video is ready for an award (or we would never leave our computer and video software). In other words, there is a time and a place … Read more

How-To Use GetResponse Effectively (and Grow Your Success in Internet Marketing)

Those of us who spend much of our time in the Internet marketing world, realize the importance of an email list. We also realize the challenges that that can sometimes present. Whether we are full-time Internet marketers who work on behalf of our clients, with their lists, or we are using email marketing for ourselves, the challenges exist. This is why it is so important to find the right fit when it comes to a … Read more

Sunferno Flintstone Solar Charger

The Sunferno Flintstone Solar Charger is a useful device, especially for those who like to go camping, backpacking, and even the long drives. It is also handy for those who travel and cannot find that electrical outlet in their favorite airport (or find that everyone is already using them). The device can be brought to its full charge in two different ways. One way is to set it in the sunshine and let the direct … Read more