5 Apps that Might Make Travelling Easier

Living now, in the 21st century, has made the enjoyment of traveling that much more exciting and has made it that much easier to facilitate. New applications for smartphones, iPhones, Androids, Tablets, etc. make finding new places a total breeze. Check out some of the most fun and easy apps to use while you are away. We have them listed for you here:


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Available for iPhone, Android, and Windows, this free application is a pit stop for travelers the world over, to enter the name of a city, specify which attraction they would like to visit/review, and then add photographs, personal experiences, and travel tips. It allows everyone, everywhere, to be a travel blogger in their own right!

You can sign up and create a profile, or use the site just to get ideas on where to go. It includes restaurants, accommodations, historical landmarks, nightlife, special events, and even parks and recreation. You can use the app to plan your trip, and even get directions to specific places using the Google Maps technology. Nothing is easier than Trip Advisor to book, review, or get advice on what to do during a trip.

TripAdvisor App Reviews:

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Foursquare City Guide

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Foursquare.com has been outdone by younger and more exciting apps such as Snapchat, which is very popular right now and used in place of the conversations that could have, or used to, take place via Foursquare. The difference is that Foursquare is an actual guide just like TripAdvisor, and people use it mainly to check-in, say where they are, and then talk about it. Through the comments, you get a good idea of the place, the type of clientele that are attracted to the site (location, not website), and how similar you are to this defined clientele.

You can still use Foursquare for all of the reasons listed above and pull out the Snapchat while you are there (if that is not considered rude behavior for the establishment). It also shows you maps, gives directions, and is available for, both iPhone and Android platforms. It is listed as being available for Windows, but as of the writing of this article, every time the Windows link was visited (available via the “Website link,” there was an error message to “Try later.” However, I was able to find the link for the Windows version and that is what is show in the above links. So, be aware if you are visiting the Foursquare site that currently (as of the writing), their Windows link isn’t quite providing the goods.

Foursquare App Reviews:

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Gogobot is another powerful city guide that has earned awards for accuracy and ease of use. It is also available for Android and iPhone. It is another city guide with ratings from users, which suggests places for you to eat, play, and stay. Gogobot is one of the favorite go-to apps for serious travelers everywhere. It is not as well known as TripAdvisor and other more “hip” applications, but this one is sure to give you what you want in no time.

Gogobot App Reviews:

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This resourceful app not only offers you the city guide experience, but it also shows you local deals and special interests that you may want to check out while visiting that location. Be sure to look for its “Vacation Express,” which is a last minute vacation package getaway discount program. Also available for iPhone and Android, it is an app that is free, easy to use, and a great addition to your travel tools, to use throughout your trip. Though not noted on the Travelzoo website, the Windows app was found by a simple Google search. Travelzoo is one of the longest-standing sites/apps that follow the same format as TripAdvisor, with ratings and reviews from users and travelers.

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AroundMe uses the map technology to quickly let you know whatever you want, as far as what nearby attraction is closest to where you are at, at that moment. You just enter where you want to go, and it will pin the places near you, with directions and maps on how to get there. Along the way, you also get reviews from people, ratings, and pictures. The good thing about AroundMe is that you can stick to what you know. If what you like is the bar scene, look no further than typing in “bar,” and they will show up in the list. It is a great, quick guide for when you visit a new city.

AroundMe App Reviews:

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Now, Where to Visit?

Here are five helpful articles (after all, five is the number of the day), to give you some ideas of activities in different exotic locations. Of course, you may also use your apps, but these articles go into depth and/or provide great listings all in one place:

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