iMyfone D-Back Can Save Your iPhone from the Fishbowl!

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For the last couple of weeks, we have been testing the iMyfone D-Back on our iPhones. It is really a nifty software application and one that could easily be added to your utility collection (for those of you who are Mac users and have an iPhone or two).

Why Would I Want/Need This Software?

First of all, this software isn’t just for iPhones, but for those who have a Mac. Yes, it is common that that is the case, that users have both, but we don’t want to leave out our Windows users and there are Windows users who have iPhones. However, in this case, the software works on the Mac and connects to the iPhone. However, you Windows users who have the iPhone also have an option to use the iMyfone D-Back for Windows!

Recovering data after a swim.
Recovering data after a swim.

One of the main reasons that you would want this software, as a Mac user, is for major damage to your iPhone and the need to recover the data.

An example is if you drop your iPhone into a fishbowl (yes, we know that is not an iPhone in the fishbowl in the picture, but couldn’t resist the presentation of the example). Another example would be forgetting to remove the iPhone from your pocket when jumping into the swimming pool or driving over your iPhone. All of these are cases of significant hardware damage.

In many of these cases, you are likely to need a new iPhone, but you may feel lost without the data that was on your old iPhone. This is where iMyfone D-Back comes into play and may save the day.

Where is the Video?

Normally we like to provide a video and go through all of the aspects of the software (or whatever product we are reviewing), or at least photos. However, there are two things going on here:

  1. The video would literally be just the step-by-step on how to use it. It is that easy, as far as use (see the section on Smart Recovery, mentioned below, in this article). So, who better to show you the step-by-step than the software company? Therefore, we have posted their video on the iMyfone D-Back for Mac in this article.
  2. If we shared the step-by-step (which you already have, from the software company), we would be left with sharing confidential information with you. That may be interesting to you, but not something that we are too keen on sharing ;)

Why Not 5 Stars?

This software does a lot of wonderful things, but it only works sporadically with generic USB cables. This means that to ensure that it works properly, a genuine Apple USB cable needs to be used for the best chance that the software will work every time (and especially when you need it and the anxiety level is high!).

Considering the lifespan of a genuine Apple USB cable is average, but the cost is $30-40 or so, that is not optimal at all and actually makes it a drawback for the software.

Also, if you are talking basic recovery, Apple comes prepared with its built-in backup and recovery software, so from that point of view, there is the question of why would you need this software, as an Apple Mac user, since you already have it.

Since you have the software as a Mac user, this could be considered a drawback because you do not need to pay for software that you already have. However, if you have a tendency to drop iPhones in the pool or family members that have that tendency, then this is no longer a drawback and it would be like buying insurance (except for the part where you need to purchase the iPhone hardware or genuine USB cable).

Tell Me About the Good Stuff (Advantages over Not Having This Software)

Ok, let’s cover some of the really good reasons to purchase this software as a Mac user, beyond what we have already mentioned.

This software can pull your iPhone information out of the cloud, (i.e. if you use iCloud).

It is also supposed to be able to fix the iOS, or have the availability to do that. So, if the hardware (actual iPhone) is not broken but your phone is acting funky, this might be the solution, to fix the iOS (doesn’t hurt to check with a professional, first).

With my experience with Apple, we have just wiped the phone and recovered from an Apple backup, if we experience an iOS issue. However, if the iMyfone D-Back software can fix it for you, that makes a lot more sense, doesn’t it?

We would have loved to have tested it, but we didn’t have a “broken” iPhone on which to test it. In other words, we haven’t been driving over our iPhones or taking them swimming with us (though that has happened in the past!). We also didn’t have any funky OS issues. We did, however, test the other aspects of iMyfone D-Back (recovery) and will continue on with more good stuff for you.

The Shattered iPhone.
The Shattered iPhone.

The Traveller

Let’s say you are travelling and you have taken a bunch of pictures, sent/received text messages, and added contacts to your iPhone. If you are a “diligent” Apple iPhone user, you probably don’t worry about it that much because you make regular backups and you will back up all the travel data when you get home, to your desktop Mac. However, this is where the beauty of iMyfone D-Back really comes into play. Through its cable connection to the iPhone, it can actually make a back-up (yes, an Apple iPhone backup) of the recent data. So, even the data that was not “officially” backed up using the Apple maintenance methods can potentially be recovered!

Just keep in mind that this does not happen over Wi-Fi. The software needs the cable (preferably the genuine Apple USB cable), in order to perform its magic. Then, at least, if the iPhone hardware is not fixable, you can load that data, even your recent travel data, back on your new iPhone.

I mentioned that I would tell you about the smart recovery, so we will end with this item of “good stuff.”

Smart Recovery: Simple one-click recovery process. It doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.