Rokit Boost Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones Nails All the Features!

Headphones are as commonplace to us these days as paper and pencil of days of old. Finding the right headphones to meet our needs and our wants can be a little more tricky, especially if we happen to be on the picky side.

Fortunately, there is a vendor out there that seems to have hit the mark with all of those items on a headphones feature list. It is Rokit Boost and their headphones are the Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones.

Rokit Boost Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones - Review by Deborah Anderson

The Sporty Side of the Headphones

There is a really good reason why the word “Sport” appears in the name of this product. It is made for sports! Not only is it a quality set of headphones, but it is made for the athlete and the active individual.

Granted, you probably don’t want to play football with these on because you may not be paying attention to the game, but I dare say, it might be possible for the headphones to work and survive (depending on the game!).

Rokit Boost Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones - Review by Deborah Anderson
Their strength, as far as durability, actually lies in how flexible the headphones are. They are also extremely compact, for travel, and they are sweat proof. Honestly, I didn’t sweat while I was wearing them, at least not in my ears or face, so I couldn’t comment, but even if that were not the case, these headphones still get an A+ across the board in other features.

So, back on the sports… Another aspect is the convenience of these headphones. All of the control is handled right in the headphones themselves (on one ear) and it also has a built-in microphone.

The “controls” include things like an ability to hang up on a phone call, connection for voice dialing (with the appropriate smart phone), and controlling the music from the iPod, iDevice, laptop (forward, back, stop/play).

Rokit Boost Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones - Review by Deborah Anderson
The write-ups that I read indicated a Bluetooth range that was based on line of sight, but I actually found it to be even better. The headphones continued to remain paired to my device even when I walked into another room, out of line of sight. This is actually a more optimal experience than I ever recall having with any Bluetooth device. So, even there, Rokit Boost excels on what would seem to be the simplest thing – and they take it to the next level.

Google Hangouts

While it is understandable that this headphone design works well for the active lifestyle, another area where it works well is for Google hangouts on air. That is where I spend a bunch of time and headphones are essential (unless you don’t care about feedback and poor audio quality).

I realize that not everyone has the same requirements for their hangouts. For that matter, not everyone has a need for Google hangouts or Skype meetings or video calls. However, for those who do, I know that you can appreciate the features and quality of the Rokit Boost Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones.

Rokit Boost Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones - Review by Deborah Anderson
Here is an obscure, but huge benefit for the hangouts. If your “appearance” matters and you want to appear as if you are not wearing any headphones and yet have the sound quality benefit, then you want to use these headphones!

The sleek design of the headphones allow them to be less obtrusive. Granted, it also helps if you have long hair and can hide it under your hair. At the same time, the bluetooth functionality allows you to be free of cables and wires (less to trip over!) and gives you a better range of motion. Add to that that the sound quality of the Swage Sport is superior, as compared to the competitor, and you have everything you need for a high quality hangout, interview, or presentation.

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In Summary

There really are not any negative aspects to these headphones. The only thing close to it is maybe how tricky it is to “unwind” the headphones (from their “compact state”) and to get them on your head. However, that becomes easier and easier as you do it, so that eventually it is as easy as breathing.

I can’t help but give these headphones the full 5 stars. Like I said at the beginning of this review, with the Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones Rokit Boost managed to not only hit all of the features, but has exceeded my expectation with accomplishing success with all those features.

You really should go pick up a pair. They are so affordable and will fit in your purse or backpack and ready to go with you on your next excursion, no matter where that may be in the world.

Disclaimer: Rokit Boost provided us with the Swage Sport Headphones so we could do a thorough and accurate review. All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.

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