Lighting Your World with OxyLED

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I don’t know about you, but I never seem to have enough light. Years ago, many of the old houses used to have a ceiling light in the middle of the room, which did a fair job of lighting the rooms, overall. Office buildings had their fluorescent lights that light up every nook and cranny. In more recent decades, the “mood lighting” has become more appealing. With all of these lighting strategies, there are always those spots that do not get lit up enough. And, especially, with the move toward the mood lighting, there are even more of those areas that go dark.

Fortunately, OxyLED has a solution for your lighting problems. It is an easy solution that does not require any technical skill. In many cases, all you need is the ability to insert batteries, pull off some adhesive, and stick the lighting where you want it. Also, OxyLED knows how to design just the right light for just the right lighting need, as you will see below. Even though these lights look a bit lightweight (no pun intended), they are actually really well made and they look nice, too! There is no embarrassment with using these fancy lights for your additional lighting needs.

Wireless Motion Sensor LED Light T-02

Closet Light Strip

This first light, Wireless Motion Sensor LED Light T-02, is great for those closets or stairs where you need the extra light. It is also a very attractive light, almost reminiscent of the Old Hollywood Makeup Lights, but in a miniature version.

The light itself has several advantages over a more traditional light. It comes with a dual-function strip for adhering it to the wall or other surface. On one side of the strip it is adhesive (compliments of the high quality 3M team) and on the other side, it is magnetic. There is a nice groove in the light itself that gives a snug spot for that dual function strip to fit.

Here is how it works: If you are going to place the light on a magnetic surface, you peel back the adhesive and stick the strip to the light with the glue side down and the magnetic strip outward and ready for the magnetic surface. This is great if you want to use the light on, say, a refrigerator and have it shine the light on the coffee pot. That is helpful if you want to make your morning coffee or your late night cappuccino and do not want to turn on the overhead light and your beverage center is right next to your refrigerator.

If you are sticking the light on a non-magnetic surface, OxyLED has you covered there, too. In that case, flip the strip the other way, with the magnetic side toward the magnetized light, and the adhesive side outward, so you can stick it to the wall or cupboard or whatever surface you are using.

Wireless Motion Sensor LED Light T-02
This light is so non-obtrusive that you can even use it in rental properties without leaving much of a mark at all. No nail or screw holes that need patching when you move out of the rental property. Also, the light is so lightweight that it could be used in a camper or car/truck/boat.

You may want to buy a bunch of these lights (very affordable at less than $20 a piece) and line them up near the door trim in the under-lit pantry. That way, too, you could light them all up for the spring cleaning of the closet/pantry, or just light the one that is closest to the shelf that is needed.

There really are more uses for this night light than could possibly be listed in just one article. It is advertised as a stair light, step light, and cabinet light. On the stairs, it is helpful in the motion sensor mode, as it will light the steps that are being used, without wasting energy lighting what isn’t being used. And, that pantry example? You don’t have to worry when the light strip is sensing your motion and handling your lighting needs for you.

Wireless Motion Sensor LED Light T-03

Classy Motion Sensing Wall Light

This second light, Wireless Motion Sensor LED Light T-03, is also a motion sensor and very attractive. This light is larger than its brother, but it isn’t huge. That makes it perfect when you want to have it out for display and need a bit more light than the T-02 (above).

For a light that is basically a utility and functional, it is amazing how much thought and work the OxyLED team put into the design. It really is attractive, with its curved edges and geometric-inspired design. Like the T-02, this light would do well in closets. If you need more overall light and want it spread out a bit more in your closet or pantry, then this light works well, adding 2-5 in your closet. It is strong enough, lighting-wise, that one light could handle most cabinets.

Wireless Motion Sensor LED Light T-03
Even though this light will illuminate the closet or cabinet, it was really made for the stage, being shown off, with its beautiful design and strong stainless steel framework. It is called a “Wall Light” for a reason.

This light will light up when it senses movement within three meters. This makes it very helpful even for dark patios, porches, or front doors. By having a light like this, you are able to save on energy and turn that front light off and yet with it triggering when your friends come to visit, you can still see who is knocking at your door. If you are really private, this motion sensor saves giving your “at home” status away when you flip the front light. It does the work for you so you can maintain your privacy if you want.

Wireless Motion Sensor LED Light T-03
This light is helpful for those who find it hard to find the night light on their way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. If you have guests or your elderly parents have moved in, you no longer have to worry about them trying to find their way in an unfamiliar house. This light will handle it.

Like its siblings, this light is also battery operated and it is energy efficient, by design, but also through the functional aspect of being a motion sensing light. There are different ways to mount this light and since it is a bit more heavy duty than the strip light (T-02), it does have the ability to be mounted in a more permanent fashion.

This light would be a great asset to your outdoor experience, as well as your van, SUV, or your boat. This light could be used on a sturdy outdoor structure to help add some additional lights to your Tiki lights in your back yard. It is a great combination of style and function.

Motion Sensing LED Light T-05

Ultimate Night Light

This third light, Motion Sensing LED Light T-05, is a fun light The first light we looked at (T-02) was multi-function. The second light (T-03) was classy. This light (T-05) is fun. It is compact with a lot of bang for the buck, as far as its lighting capability.

Once I got this light functional, I could really see the value. The only problem was that I had difficulty getting it to work. Specifically, I had difficulty opening the back, to add the batteries.

Motion Sensing LED Light T-05
It was not clear, looking at the back of the light, how the back came off of the unit. There were no instructions and no arrows or anything. It was clear that the two parts separated, but when I tried to pull the back off (like a snap mechanism/hinge process), it did not appear to want to let go. In hindsight, I am glad I did not force it as I would have broken it (my hunch was correct).

Motion Sensing LED Light T-05
I looked in the box for instructions and there were no instructions. Then, I read all of the fine print (quite small) on the box and I did not find any instructions on how to get the unit open. There were basic instructions on how to use the light, but none on how to open it. Actually, I would have liked to have had that reversed. I can figure out how to use it without instructions. Finally, I did a Google search and found the answer online, at I was actually relieved that I was not the only one scratching her head on how to open it. It slides!

Motion Sensing LED Light T-05
The other peculiar thing about this light is that the notation of what position the light is in (on / off / motion) can only be seen when the device is open. So, when we put the light back together, there is no way to see what each spot on the switch does. Granted, we probably don’t need that as you could do it with trial and error and test when the light works with motion. Also, in time, that is probably memorized, with additional use. Still, it seemed really odd to me that the helpful notation was only viewable with taking the light apart. It made me wonder if I just had a peculiar light and there was a factory mistake. Up to this point, the lights were so well made and so well designed that this just didn’t seem like it came from the same company.

Motion Sensing LED Light T-05
All in all, this light really is very functional and very useful as a night light in bathrooms, hallways, anywhere where a night light is needed. It also comes with 3M adhesive to stick it wherever you like. The minor frustration of getting the light set up probably did tarnish my overall opinion of the light, but I realize that with time, that initial few moments of searching will fade and all that remains is how functional and helpful this light is.

In Conclusion

These lights are so fabulous that I would give it 5 stars, easily. However, that last light was frustrating enough that I would give it 2 stars. I don’t believe in basing a review on emotion, even though emotion is a real component in life. So, because the lights were so fabulous, I would give the overall batch of three a 4.5 with only a minor ding for the third light. The reality is, these lights are very functional and helpful. So, if you are reading this review, you would already know how to open that third light and you can have a 5 star experience with these lights ;)

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.